Coming up October 6-8, the eleventh Wisconsin Machine Tool Show showcases the machine tool industry?s newest metalworking technology. Held biennially, WMTS promises to be one of the most comprehensive manufacturing events in the Midwest this year and one of the largest metalworking shows in the country. You don?t want to miss this one.

Beginning in 1989 with the first Wisconsin Manufacturing and Machine Tool Expo, global manufacturers of new manufacturing technology have exhibited in Milwaukee to meet manufacturing professionals from leading industries that are looking to purchase the right solution for their manufacturing processes.

For over 18 years, the Wisconsin Machine Tool Show has connected buyers in the Midwest marketplace with sellers of advanced manufacturing equipment and metalworking technologies. From tooling inserts and multi-tasking CNC machines to automation and systems that cut, mill, and drill ? all offer industry-specific opportunities for a competitive advantage inside the ambiance of a down-to-earth venue where the industry comes to meet, learn what?s new and develop solutions to their common problems.

This year?s WMTS is an educational forum that allows the evaluation of more than 250 world-class suppliers and service companies in a single show under one roof. The show and all the events surrounding it are driven by an advisory committee made up of leading distributors and manufacturers, industry players that have their finger on the pulse of what is happening and what is needed in the machine tool marketplace.

Today?s competitive marketplace wants more, wants it better and wants it with less. Manufacturers that succeed know that innovations in their capability must be matched with improved business processes. Following this theme, WMTS has prepared a series of free technical seminars that run concurrently with the show and focus on manufacturing process improvement and renewable energy. The seminars will be presented in two separate tracks: A business track on tips of the trade to improve business and production, and an energy track on new sources of energy and funding.

While you?re at the show, be sure to check out these products being exhibited on the show floor:

EXCEPTIONAL TOOL LIFE AND PROCESS RELIABILITY IN EXTRA-HARD MATERIALS: BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL) expands the Phoenix drill series of the Sphinx product line. The heavy-duty, solid carbide Phoenix drill achieves 10 times more productivity than conventional solid carbide counterparts. Expanded from 6xD to include 3xD and 12xD sizes, drills come in diameters from Ø1 mm – Ø12.7 mm, in .1 mm increments, with coolant through from Ø2.5 mm and a Helica coating.

The drill?s high performance flute and point geometry assure low cutting forces and optimum chip control. Internal coolant makes the Phoenix ideal for cutting extra-hard materials such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and titanium. Its ultra-fine grain composition delivers increased wear resistance and toughness for superior speeds and feeds.

TMK Machinery, Inc. (Tomahawk, WI) has a full line of DynaPath machine tools. The Toolroom Series 500 bed mill offers exceptional value and versatility for a small bed mill. Generous 31 in x 15 in x 19 in travels, coupled with a table capacity of 1,340 lb, provides for a wide range of jobs to be handled efficiently. It can be operated as a full 3-axis CNC, a full 3-axis CNC with a manual operated quill head or as a manual milling machine.

The DMC 5E machining center has a large work envelope with 15 hp of cutting power delivering up to 6,000 rpm. An automatic 16-tool ATC makes the DMC 5E a good alternative to a conventional machining center. With 40 Taper spindle, 52 in x 26 in x 27.6 in axes travel, a massive cast iron frame, headstock and box ways, the DMC 5E series cuts aluminum and steel with ease. Visit Booth 1217.

Equipment Concepts, Inc.(Mukwonago, WI) showcases the new Leadwell® V40 vertical machining center with either 10,000 or 12,000 rpm 30 or 42 hp spindle. This new VMC has extra heavy-duty ribbed rigid castings, is powered by a Fanuc OiMC or 18I with conversational programming, travels of 40 in X, 20 in Y, and 24 in Z, with 50 in x 25 in travels optional. A 24-fool arm changes completes the package.

The Romi® M-Series combination lathe features a 15 hp spindle motor and 20.4 in swing over the bed, 10.25 in swing over cross slide. Bed lengths of 60 in and 80 in are available. Equipped with a GE/Fanuc 21iT control, the lathe operates in Basic Manual, Teach Mode, Fixed Cycle Conversational, and G-Code or Cam assist programming.

Concept Machine Tool Wisconsin (Delafield, WI) exhibits Mitsubishi EDM, Waterjet, Roku Roku, Kitamura, Milltronics, Zeiss, and Miyano metalworking systems. Visit Booth 1303.

NEXT GENERATION HIGH-PERFORMANCE TURNING CENTER: The Hardinge Group (Elmira, NY) introduces their new Super-Precision Quest CHNC turning center at the Iverson & Companies (Des Plaines, IL) booth. With a 27mm 5C collet-ready spindle or a 42mm 16C collet-ready spindle, the machine provides high accuracy and quick job changeover to meet the demands of the medical, aerospace, defense, and computer/electronics industries. Built on the same platform as Quest GT-series gang tool lathes, the Harcrete® synthetic base provides superior vibration damping, structural rigidity and exceptional thermal stability.

The powerful 7.5-kW (10-hp) drive system has 30 percent more torque and is a complete Fanuc motor and drive system. 8-position or 4-position gang tool-style pre-set tooled top plates can be interchanged in minutes, making this machine ideal for running repeat jobs and reducing setup time. The turret top plate index time is 4X faster. The machine uses a Hardinge high-precision spindle with 15 millionths part roundness, high-precision linear guideways, and high class fixed pre-tensioned ballscrews for optimum stiffness, less friction, less heat and less thermal growth.

The Hardinge/Fanuc 21i-T CNC control unit includes a .000010 in (.00010 mm) programmable resolution/tool offset capability and standard features such as an Ethernet card, custom macro B programming, extended part program edit, run time and parts counter.

Urban Technologies, Inc. (Port Washington, WI) features Bluco Corp. modular fixturing for machining and welding, Kinefac, Inc. spline rolling, forming and roll sizing systems, and Max-Tek, LLC pump impeller profile machining. Visit Booth 1147.

ADVANCED HIGH-PERFORMANCE TURNING CENTER: Haas Automation (Oxnard, CA) builds the extremely rigid, highly accurate and very thermally stable ST-30 turning center in the U.S. All castings are optimized using finite element analysis (FEA) to produce rigid designs, improve chip and coolant flow, and simplify maintenance and service. The compact, symmetric spindle head provides thermal stability and rigidity. The 45 deg wedge increases the tool-mounting envelope and improves chip flow. The ST-30 has a maximum cutting capacity of 21 in x 26 in, with maximum swings of 31.75 in over the front apron and 20.75 in over the cross slide. The spindle bore is 3.5 in, with a bar capacity of 3 in.

The machine?s 30 hp vector dual-drive spindle spins to 3,400 rpm, and provides 275 ft-lb of torque. For heavy cutting operations, an optional 2-speed gearbox boosts torque to 840 ft-lb. On-the-fly wye-delta switching yields a wide constant-horsepower band for constant surface feed cuts.

The ST-30 has an A2-6 spindle nose and is equipped with a 10 in hydraulic 3-jaw chuck. Standard equipment includes a 12-station bolt-on style tool turret, rigid tapping, a 15 in color LCD monitor and USB connectivity. Other equipment includes a belt-type chip conveyor, hydraulic tailstock, automatic tool probe, live tooling with C axis, an automatic parts catcher, high-pressure coolant systems and much more.

Wohlhaupter Corporation (Centerville, OH) exhibits cutting and boring tools, including the AluLine aluminum body boring tools up to 8 ft in diameter, DigiBore digitally-controlled precision boring head with a range of tools from .118 in to 8.189 in, and the CombiLine for semi and finish boring in one pass. Visit Booth 949.

Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. (New Berlin, WI) highlights the iVEC? Systems ?Steward? ventilation energy control system, the Filter-1 Benchtron dust collector for welder training facilities and Filter-1 Hydrotron wet downdraft table. Ivec? Systems energy controls for air cleaners and ventilation systems immediately reduce operating costs for dust collectors, mist collectors, air cleaners, and exhaust systems.

Recommended for new or existing equipment, Ivec Systems provide ventilation-on-demand to minimize energy waste, reduced noise, longer filter life, added collection capacity, extended intervals between maintenance and enhanced ventilation performance and electrical consumption that?s reduced by as much as 70 percent!

CarrLane Roemheld (Ellisville, MO) provides a full line of Roemheld hydraulic workholding, Hilma vises, clamps, work supports and Stark Zero Point module systems. Visit Booth 916.

5-AXIS MACHINING FOR MID-SIZED PARTS: Hermle Machine Company?s (Franklin, WI) C 30 U uses new alloys and non-traditional materials and utilizes a patented gantry combined with a 630 mm diameter tilting rotary table that simultaneously machines work pieces up to 800 mm. Rotational speed is 65 rpm in the C-axis (360 deg) and up to 25 rpm in the trunion type A-axis (+30 deg/-115 deg).

For smaller sized parts, the machine can be equipped with a 280 mm diameter rotary table mounted on the tilting trunion type A-axis. The rotary table has speeds to 40 rpm (360 deg), and the tilting A-axis (± 115 deg) actuates up to 55 rpm. The standard rapid traverse rate is 45 m/min in the X-Y-Z axes and 60 m/min in the Dynamic version. Acceleration is 6 m/s2 (.6 G) and 10 m/s2 (1G), respectively. Standard spindle speed is 10,000 rpm, with optional 18,000, 28,000 and 40,000 rpm speeds that extend capabilities from high torque, hard metal operations to high-speed machining of complex parts.

Axis travels are 650, 600 and 500 mm in the X-Y-Z axes, respectively. C-axis actuation utilizes a 630 mm direct drive torque motor. Both A and C axes feature a patented drive system. 32 tool pockets are standard. Optional magazine extensions can increase capacity to 75, 119 or 195 tools, with a chip-to-chip tool change time of 4.5 sec. Alternate clamping systems, including SK 50 or HSK A 100, integrate into the rotary tables.

Work holding can be T-slots, zero-point clamping systems, palletizing and other means. Coolant options and filtering systems include turbo filter, paper ribbon filter, or sieve basket. The C 30 U can be equipped with PW 160 or PW 800 pallet changers.

Built on a mineral casting base to eliminate thermal distortion, the set-up station is disconnected from the machine to ensure vibration-free operation. Machines equipped with a pallet changer can use the new pallet storage system that is positioned directly in front of the pallet changer and contains up to 15 pallet pockets. The system expands to 45 pockets, each capable of a maximum transport weight of 750 kg.

Balestrieri Environmental & Development, Inc. (Elkhorn, WI) highlights their multi-level environmental management services, including asbestos abatement, industrial coating removal, abrasive blasting, mold remediation and more. Visit Booth 1226.

Sheffco, Inc. (Pewaukee, WI) presents a full selection and measurement systems from Sheffield Measurement. The Cordax® Discovery III CMM is the next evolution of inspection at the point of manufacture with improved accuracy, extended thermal performance and a modern updated industrial design. It uses hardened machine tool re-circulating ball bearings in place of air bearings for long life and lower maintenance costs in some of the harshest shop environments imaginable.

The Pioneer CMM is perfect for your first coordinate measuring machine and for large manufacturing operations needing multiple CMMs. It combines breakthrough design, proven construction and controller technology with advanced measurement software and touch probe systems for accuracy, throughput and rugged reliability in an affordable inspection package.

Waukesha Industrial Supply, Inc. (Waukesha, WI) displays the AutoCrib RoboCrib 500, a new vending system that works well in smaller machine shops or in a cell manufacturing environment to dispense up to 500 different items. The system uses counter-rotating carousels to allow secure issue/return of 500 items in less than 10 seconds. Use for tools, fasteners, welding supplies, MRO, gloves and PPE. Vends almost anything, including large or delicate items without individual repackaging.

ScaleMate allows you to dispense and control less expensive items such as fasteners, without repackaging and acts like a ?turbo charger? because it greatly expands the capacity of the machine. Stock over 500 items in a standard tool cabinet space at less than $11/day. Easily reconfigures when your storage and dispensing needs change.

For more information, go to or call Contact Expo Productions, Inc. at 800-367-5520.



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