Innovative Approach Pays Off: Metcam Reports Record Revenues

Diversification of its customer base has allowed the company to avoid many of the negative effects from the economic downturn.

Metcam, Inc. (Alpharetta, GA) recently announced that they achieved record revenues in the third quarter of 2010. Quarterly revenues increased 46 percent over the first quarter and 26 percent over the second quarter, resulting in the second highest quarterly sales on record for the 21-year old firm. Furthermore, the manufacturing firm is projecting record yearly revenues of more than $20 million, representing a 16 percent growth in annual sales over 2009.

“Diversifying our customer base has allowed us to avoid many of the negative effects from the economic downturn that impacted so many manufacturing organizations,” stated Bruce Hagenau, president of Metcam. “We’ve not only entered new industries but also new geographies.” Metcam’s primary business comes from manufacturers of telecommunications, electronics, fire detection, and HVAC equipment, but the company’s extensive metalworking capabilities also allow them to touch such varied industries as high tech fume extraction and commercial bathroom fixtures.

While manufacturers typically prefer to partner with fabricators that are within a reasonable driving distance from their plant, Metcam has so tightly wound logistics with their fabricating services that they are able to support not only companies in their backyard, but firms across the country and around the world. “Adjusting our approach to who our customers are and can be has protected our business,” continues Hagenau. “We’re now entertaining opportunities on entirely new horizons – and continents – that before were never a consideration.”