Real-Time Machine Process Monitoring, Data Management

MPmax technology from Makino connects multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer for real-time retrieval, storage and analysis of high volumes of machine data to optimize plant production efficiency.

This technology connects multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer for real-time retrieval, storage and analysis of high volumes of machine data to optimize plant production efficiency.

Makino (Mason, OH) offers its real-time machine process monitoring and data management software solution, the MPmax (Machine Productivity Maximizer), which connects multiple machines on a single network to a centralized computer and enables manufacturers to retrieve, store and analyze high volumes of machine data in real time.



“With MPmax, manufacturers have all the tools necessary to detect and react to bottlenecks on the fly,” says Jim Brown, the control software development manager of Makino. “Its remote monitoring capabilities allow manufacturers to always stay up to date with machining processes even while they’re away from the shop floor. This ability to better understand and more closely observe machine performance offers unlimited opportunities for manufacturers to optimize the efficiency of their shop floor and get the most from their machining investments.”

This technology offers data management capabilities for a variety of key machine performance features, including multiple machine status monitoring, machine utilization, alarms, probe data analysis, spindle and axis movement, machine power (available only with the machine power monitor option) and tool management work scheduling.

Improving Workflow Efficiency
Data retrieved for machine utilization, alarm events and power consumption offer manufacturers an opportunity to analyze and troubleshoot workflow inefficiencies.

With MPmax, manufacturers can confidently transfer work between machines based on conditions of overuse and underuse to even the flow of work throughout the shop floor. Its Pareto chart display of alarms offers manufacturers an opportunity to review a full list of alarm events to adapt machine process for alarm prevention.

Recorded electrical energy usage can assist manufacturers in scheduling jobs for various times of day based on fluctuating energy costs for enhanced savings.

Machine Performance Enhancements
By collecting probe data and calculating the Cpk process capability index, manufacturers can track accuracy in performance in critical features to ensure the highest level of part quality. Spindle and axis monitoring technologies record and display axis forces, loads and speeds. This data can then be used to fine-tune processes for faster cutting speeds and greater depths of cut.

The tool data management system can register, manage and monitor all critical tool data for multiple machines from one centralized location. By making appropriate adjustments based on this data, manufacturers can get the highest level of performance out of each tool while extending tool life.

Machine Remote Viewing
MPmax software provides additional capabilities for remote viewing, allowing operators and management the capability to respond to and track processes as they occur without interrupting other day-to-day activities.

Its control remote view displays machine tool controls in real time from any networked PC. For jobs requiring quick turnarounds, this feature is an ideal way to provide operators or technicians with assistance in the repair or operation of a machine tool. Data cannot be input from this display mode to prevent accidental changes to tooling or part dimensions.

Machine camera monitoring (available only with camera-equipped machines) captures an internal view of a machine’s work zone, making it easier to solve processing errors before they become a detriment to part quality.

E-mail notification capabilities enable operators to deliver current machine status information to their service department, including alarm texts and images of the work zone. This ability to immediately notify service staff with the details and information required to address problems as they occur can dramatically improve productivity and process control.

A world leader in advanced CNC machining centers, Makino provides high-performance, leading-edge machining technologies and innovative engineered process solutions that enable manufacturers to focus on making what matters.

Through a wide range of high-precision metal cutting and EDM machinery, including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, graphite machining centers, and wire and Ram EDMs, Makino flexible automation solutions reduce labor costs and increase throughput in production volume and design.

Makino engineering services offers industry-leading expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries.



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