Combination Multi-Tasking Machining Center Boasts High Speed Tool Changing

Brother's M140X1 has an added turning function in conjunction with the firm’s high speed mill and tapping.

Brother’s (Bridgewater, NJ) M140X1 is the newest choice for process integration. This compact, multitasking machine has an added turning function in conjunction with the firm’s high speed mill and tapping.

Brother developed the M140X1 due to demand from production sites for a machine that can perform both turning and milling based on the process integration concept. The MX140X1 is a multi-tasking machine developed to improve production.

Workpieces previously machined using a turning center and a machining center are now combined into one machine, thereby reducing handling time between machines. The newly developed high-speed and high-output built-in DD motor produces more efficient turning with a maximum speed at 2,000 min-1.

Other new features on the machine are its newly developed ATC magazine mounted around the column making high speed tool change possible. A double plunger lock is used to secure the turning tool to the tool spindle, thus achieving stable machining.

Here is a demonstration of a Brother M140X1 machining aluminum.

Some advantages to the machine include a reduction of handling time. Because turning and milling are performed on one machine, no setup change is necessary between machines. It also improves line balance by dividing machining process more flexibly. In addition, since multiple processes are performed through one-time chucking, workpiece attachment errors are eliminated improving machine accuracy.

Its start/stop time is 0.2 sec because of its fast acceleration/deceleration spindle motor and highly responsive servo control that achieves quick starting and stopping of the spindle. The machine reduces non-cutting time by positioning the X/Y/Z axes and A/C axes simultaneously with tool changes.

Its high speed tool change is accomplished through optimal control for spindle start/stop, Z-axis up/down and magazine operation recording 1.4 sec chip to chip. It boasts a high-speed synchronized tapping control with a peripheral velocity of 377 m/min. The M140X1’s integration of the turning and milling process contribute to high-efficiency machining and create both time and financial saving advantages.


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