Consistent Performance of New Hobart Stick Electrode Improves Operator Control and Weld Quality

Hobart has added to its family of AWS E6010 stick electrodes with the 610 stick electrode featuring a concentric design.

Hobart Brothers Company (Troy, OH) has added to its Hobart family of American Welding Society (AWS) E6010 stick electrodes. The new Hobart 610 stick electrode features a concentric design, ensuring an even coating along its entire length and consistent arc performance — every time, from every pound of product.

Welding operators gain greater control and weld quality as a result, along with reliable weld penetration and arc stability. The stick electrode is designed for use in pipe welding applications, construction and shipbuilding, maintenance welding and general-purpose fabrication, and can be used in all welding positions.

The Hobart 610 stick electrode also features quick arc starting, resulting in increased welding efficiency, while the superior arc drive ensures exceptional joint penetration. Excellent vertical-down capabilities offer faster travel speeds. Additionally, the stick electrode provides an easy weld lay-in and smooth bead appearance with a light slag that results in quick and easy clean up.

The Hobart 610 stick electrode exceeds AWS minimum specifications by offering tensile strengths in the range of 78,000 psi and yield strengths of approximately 65,000 psi. It also offers Charpy V-Notch impact values in the range of 45 ft-lb. at temperatures of –20 degrees Fahrenheit (-30 degrees Celsius) to minimize cracking in low temperatures. The Hobart 610 stick electrode is currently available in 1÷8− or 5/32-inch diameters packaged in a 50-pound can.


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