CRC-Evans Introduces New Welding System

CRC-Evans introduced its new M-400 Welding System, which reduces the overall weight by 25 percent.

CRC-Evans Pipeline International, Inc. (Houston, TX) introduced its new M-400 Welding System. The welding system is a lightweight, multi-process, multi-power-source, on-board wire feed, single-torch welding system that provides the same range and functionality of previous systems, while reducing the overall weight by 25 percent.

The M-400 also includes a new offset oscillator, offering its operator an unprecedented view of the arc as well as the ability to deposit automated fillet (+45/-30º) welds. The firm’s top engineers have built software tracking into the welding parameters, allowing operators to recall exactly what versions of software were used for each weld.

The M-400 Welding System is revolutionary on every front,” said Shankar Rajagopalan, chief technology officer, Advanced Technology Division at CRC-Evans. “It’s a single, multi-process system for all needs, ensuring consistent, high-quality welds with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.”

The welding system is multi-process, digital and analog welding power-supply-capable. The unit can be adapted to weld flux core, inner-shield, STT and GMAW with minimal mechanical changes to the bug; it is capable of welding all layers, from root to cap, using STT process for the root and GMAW, FCAW or inner-shield for the remaining layers.

The advanced technology also offers CRC-Evans’ innovative thru-the-arc tracking as an option, which maintains the arc in the center of the weld seam and the optimum tip-to-work distance, ensuring uniform, high-quality welds. The system includes a significantly redesigned, lightweight Pendant feature, which includes a large-format color display.

The Pendant not only operates the M-400 system, but its display relays multiple levels of information including real time data of essential parameters and allows the adjustment of parameters without the need to plug in a laptop or PDA.

Additionally, the system is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and flexible. Its swing-tip cleaning allows for easier maintenance and increased output and its center-torch designs and ambidextrous carriage eliminates the need for clockwise and counterclockwise configuration.


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