Metal Cutting: What’s New for 2014

Here are some of the latest machine tools that can help shops transition into an automated "flow" environment.

Please examine the technical details of each system by clicking on the respective titles listed below:

Vertical Machining Center Is Ideal For Mold Making
The VMX6030i from Hurco uses an UltiMotion® motion system with travels of 30 in Y-axis, 60 in X-axis, 24 in Z-axis on a working table surface of 66.14 in x 30 in.

Production Milling/Turning Large Workpieces with an HMC
The CP 8000 5-axis mill-turn center from Heller Machine Tools is ideal for machining predominantly cubic parts, particularly when the rotationally symmetric length/diameter ratio of the components is less than 1.

Advanced Cylindrical Grinding of Tool Room, Batch or High Volume Production
Inexperienced operators appreciate the simple setups of the Suprema 1000M cylindrical grinding machine from Jones and Shipman that uses manual, semi or fully automatic control of grinding and dressing cycles.

VMC for Small Job Shops or High Production
The F650 Value Master from Hyundai WIA uses a 25 hp, 10,000 rpm spindle for deep cuts at high speeds and Thru Spindle Coolant for deep hole drilling.

Internal / Universal Cylindrical Grinder Increases Shop Capabilities
The Studer CT550 from United Grinding Technologies is ideal for small– to medium-sized internal cylindrical grinding of die plates, spring collets, tool holding fixtures, hydraulic components, and thread ring gauges composed of hard materials like tool steel, carbide, ceramics and glass.

Next-Generation Wire EDM Addresses Skilled Labor Shortage
Using HyperCut technology and Hyper-i control, U3 and U6 wire EDMs from Makino enable novice operators to program and produce leading-edge part finishes in the most complex feature geometries.

Produce Accurate Aircraft Parts in Single Setups
The VARIAXIS j-500 5X vertical machining center from Mazak provides cost effective and efficient single-machine part processing in titanium, hard metals and aluminum via fast, powerful high-rigidity spindles as well as a high-accuracy rotary/tilt table.

Universal Vertical Thread Grinder for Precision Lead Screw Type Parts
The VGE60A universal vertical thread grinder from Mitsui Seiki USA performs thread, spline, gear, OD, surface, and edge grinding operations in a single setup.

Collet-Ready CNC Turning Center for Soft/Hard Turning
The T42SP MSY SUPER-PRECISION® turning center from Hardinge achieves overall axis repeatability of .76 micron, part roundness of .25 micron and part surface finish of .15 micron.


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