Robotic Cell Education

The Robotic Welding Education Cell from Lincoln Electric is a complete, mobile welding training system that demonstrates, develops and teaches proper techniques, programming and robotic welding skills.

The Lincoln Electric Company (Cleveland, OH) offers their new Robotic Welding Education Cell, a complete, mobile welding training system designed to demonstrate, develop and teach the proper techniques, programming and robotic welding skills.

Manufacturing has transformed into an exciting environment with advanced equipment and technology driven by automation and robotics. Today’s workforce is challenged to accelerate skills and knowledge to meet the growing needs of manufacturing.

Globally, one in three (34 percent) employers reports experiencing difficulties filling positions due to lack of available talent. Industry continues to implement industrial robots to achieve higher productivity and quality and skilled robotic jobs continue to grow.

To resolve and address this issue, a Robotic Education Cell offers the opportunity to teach skills required for advanced manufacturing today in a variety of environments, from a classroom to a lab to a recruitment event,” states Deanna Postlethwaite, a business unit manager at Lincoln

A demonstration of how the Robotic Education Cell offers instructors and educators a welding solution focused on enhancing the ability to train students on robotic programming and welding. The system is designed to provide access to the best curriculm, materials and system.

The International Federation of Robotics ( projects that 2.5 million jobs will be created by robots in the next eight years .“Due to this forecasted expansion in robotic positions, it is imperative to ensure we educate the workforce to meet the skills manufacturing and fabrication need today and in the future to keep U.S. manufacturing productive and competing on a global scale,” added Postlethwaite. www.lincolnelectric/


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