Waterjet Rotary Head for 3D Tube & Pipe Cutting

The Rotary Axis head from OMAX provides infinite rotation while cutting and uses an expanded parametric shape library for enhanced 3D pipe cutting.

OMAX Corporation (Kent, WA) offers several accessories for their JetMachining Centers to further increase their performance and versatility, including a Rotary Axis head that provides infinite rotation while cutting. With an upgrade of its intuitive Intelli-MAX® Software Suite, the Rotary Axis is even easier to program with an expanded parametric shape library for enhanced 3D pipe cutting.

With a Rotary Axis, JetMachining Centers have up to 6-axis cutting capabilities that can create accurate complex 3D parts from pre-existing CAD drawings or DXF files. With the expanded parametric shape library, the Rotary Axis is ideal for pipe and tube cutting, simplifying challenging projects such as intersecting pipe fittings.

The accessory’s drive head also allows for customized fixtures. Additionally, the versatile attachment design of the Rotary Axis enables users to position the head in various locations in the tank.

A demonstration of the OMAX Waterjet Rotary Axis.

Fully submersible and powered by common table controls, the rotary head does not require an additional power supply. The accessory also contains a built-in water drip sensor with warning lights and automatic shutdown. Additionally, the Rotary Axis is equipped with external grease fittings for easy maintenance.

OMAX® Corporation, 21409 72nd Avenue South, Kent, WA 98032, 800– 838‑0343, Fax: 253−872−6190, sandra.mclain@omax.com, www.omax.com.


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