Welding: What’s New for 2014

Here are some of the automation, training systems and consumables available to shops looking to increase the skills and capabilities of their welders.

Please examine the technical details of each system by clicking on the respective titles listed below:

Welding Automation for Small to Medium Parts
An ArcWorld® C-50 workcell from Yaskawa Motoman includes a six-axis MA1400 Master Arc welding robot, DX100 controller with menu-driven arc welding application software, integrated welding package, integrated tooling or one or two MH-180 headstock(s), operator station, one or two powered roll-up door(s) and a total safety environment.

Advanced Welding System Expands Capabilities for Manufacturers
The Power Wave® Advanced Module from Lincoln Electric performs shielded metal arc, MIG, pulsed MIG, TIG and Surface Tension Transfer® welding that can help weld open root gaps with high frequency inverter technology.

Integrated Robotic Plasma Cutting Cell 
This flexible robotic cutting cell from ESAB automatically cuts, copes  and cuts to length branch pipes, I-beam and square tubing and trunk pipes with or without bevel.

Online Configurators Customize Robotic MIG Gun Series for Exact Welding Applications
These online configurators from Tregaskiss can tailor the exact robotic gun needed for the application by specifications such as gun style, neck type, nozzle, wire size, contact tip and power pin.

MIG Gun Nozzles Reduce Heavy Manufacturing Costs
To minimize the frequency and cost of changeovers associated with heat degradation, Bernard has introduced the new Quik Tip™ HD Series nozzles, featuring a removable nozzle cone.

Metal-Cored Wire Offers Higher Deposition Rates, Faster Travel Speeds
The FabCOR F6 gas-shielded metal-cored wire from Hobart Brothers provides higher deposition rates and increases productivity on single-pass, flat and horizontal welding applications, particularly when compared to solid wires.

Robotic Cell Education
The Robotic Welding Education Cell from Lincoln Electric is a complete, mobile welding training system that demonstrates, develops and teaches proper techniques, programming and robotic welding skills.

Robotic Welding System for Education
The mobile Swift Arc ML robotic education cell from ESAB demonstrates, develops and teaches proper welding techniques, robot programming and welding skills.

First Aluminum Filler Metals Hit the Market
MaxalMig 4943 wire and MaxalTig 4943 cut-lengths from Hobart Brothers are a response to industry demands for a higher-strength aluminum welding solution that also offers the advantages of using a 4043 aluminum filler metal, including excellent corrosion resistance, ease of welding and low hot cracking sensitivity.


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