Facemill Eliminates Burrs for Excellent Surface Finish

The WGX Wave Mill Series from Sumitomo Electric Carbide yields improved run-out accuracy with excellent wear and heat resistance and is suitable for hardened material milling.

The new WGX Wave Mill Series from Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. (Mount Prospect, IL), used for all facemilling applications, features excellent surface finish and eliminates burrs due to a unique insert chipbreaker design. The WGX body and insert combination yields improved run-out accuracy. Additional WGX benefits include lower cutting force due to its high rake angle and optimized edge treatment for long tool life with new Super ZX and Super FF coatings.

In addition to the WGX Milling Series, Sumitomo Electric Carbide announces the release of ACM200 and ACM300 insert grades for exotic and stainless steel material milling. The ACM200, which is a CVD grade, offers excellent wear and heat resistance and is suitable for hardened material milling. The ACM300, which is a PVD grade, features highly balanced wear and fracture resistance and is the first recommendation for stainless steel milling.

Demonstration of how the WGX 45 deg milling cutter reduces cutting tool pressure and provides long lasting tool life due to its body design and superior wear resistant coated insert grades.

The progressive WGX Series further demonstrates Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s commitment to cutting-edge innovation in facemilling applications.

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