Lantek Plans Sets Strategic Fiscal Plans at Annual Meeting

Lantek anticipates growth of 20 percent in 2014 through the improved performance of its solutions unit and the consolidation of its global presence.

Lantek (Mason, OH), the leading multinational in software solutions for the sheet metal and metal structures industry, is in the process of drafting its Strategic Plan for 2013–2015 in consultation with the managers of its international offices following a conference at its Miñano headquarters.

At the company’s annual meeting where department heads, technicians, and marketers from around the world gathered to exchange and analyze ideas, the 2013–2015 Strategic Plan’s defining values were agreed to be innovation, teamwork, trust, commitment, passion, and connection to the client.

As the world leader in the development and marketing of software solutions for the sheet metal industry and the metal structures sector, the firm aims to strengthen its markets this year with total sales volume growth of 20 percent for 2014.

It plans to achieve this by radically changing its strategies in the comprehensive software solutions division to achieve a growth of 105 percent while at the same time maintaining the dominant position of its flagship CAD/CAM division, which will continue its sales growth with an expected increase of 9 percent this fiscal year.

Lantek wants to optimize its earnings, improve profitability, and maintain international leadership in its market. Our mission is to develop integrated software solutions for the sheet metal and metal structures industry, providing added value to both our clients, professionals, and shareholders through a consolidated global team with a demonstrated capacity for technological innovation,” explains Alberto Martinez, manager of the multinational organization.

The company can point with pride to having sustained market growth over the past decade. It has even shown modest upturns during the worst years of the international economic crisis. In just ten years, the multinational firm has increased its sales by 123 percent, reaching 12.18 million Euros in revenue. The company expects its sales to exceed 14.63 million Euros in 2014.

Joseba Pagaldai, commercial director of Lantek, explained that by the end of 2013, the multinational had strengthened its US market, which now represents 15 percent of company sales. The EMEA region, despite a 5 percent reduction in sales, is becoming the main market, with particularly high activity in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Turkey. In Asia, operations in Korea and China have been in place the longest and have made this region the second most important source of sales for the multinational.

Lantek’s success derives from being technology leaders and in its strategy of opening its own branches. We have always been at the forefront of technology and we launch operations in every area and country with the equipment and offices necessary to support our partners and manufacturers in both technical and commercial tasks,” says Pagaldai.

Lantek has continued to grow its CAD/CAM division which, at the end of 2013, represented 88 percent of its market. However, the company’s objective is to significantly strengthen its Solutions division. The goal is to attain 20 percent sales volume from Solutions.

To guarantee the development of its markets and its continued leadership in the software solutions sector for the sheet metal and metal structures industry, Lantek has started the year with strong emphasis on its Lantek Factory concept, which applies to all of those companies that transform metal sheets, tubes, or contours.

Companies that implement a Lantek solution, will be able to fully manage their activities and become more competitive and productive. Lantek Factory, in addition to having all of the features you would expect of enterprise management systems such as production organization, and machine programming and control, is able to seamlessly incorporate the individual way in which each company operates.

The objectives of the multinational based in the Basque Country are summed up by Alberto Martínez, manager, “Our aim is to be the leader and a global benchmark for software solutions for the sheet metal and metal structures industry.


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