Mold Craft Adds to Sinker Department

Mold Craft added the Sodick AG40L to their shop and has found that the accuracy and precision is unbeatable.

Mold Craft, Inc. (Willernie, MN) has been designing and building successful, high volume, multi-cavity, multi-mold projects for small, intricate plastic, silicone, metal and ceramic parts since 1964. “Our molds have been designed and fabricated to produce medical parts from engineered plastics, LSR, metal and ceramics for drug delivery devices, medical disposable, body implants, dental products, minimally invasive surgical products, consumer products, and microelectronic components for well known manufacturers” stated Jim Liddell, sales and marketing manager.

The AG40L features linear motor technology which provides high feed rates and acceleration resulting in naturally even flushing.

Mold Craft is a leading innovator for high production molds featuring tight tolerances and true cavity insert interchangeability. High-Tech equipment coupled with automation and meticulous toolmakers keeps Mold Craft at the very leading edge of mold making.

The 2010 purchase of an AG400L Wire EDM has proven to Mold Craft that the accuracy and repeatability is superior to the other machines it replaces. “With Linear Motor technology, high levels of initial machining accuracy can be maintained for long periods of time.

Sodick had the highest level of technology which was capable of meeting our specific demands,” said Justin McPhee, vice president of engineering.  “We needed a machine that was capable of running Ø.002 in wire, with extreme corner radius accuracy and superior surface finish,” he added.  The Sodick AG400L has demonstrated these capabilities.

Mold Craft recently recognized the need to add high-end technology to the Sinker department and did the research which determined that the Sodick AG40L met the requirements and accuracies for the precision work of which Mold Craft has built its name. The AG40L features linear motor technology which provides high feed rates and acceleration resulting in naturally even flushing.

After seeing what the linear motors on the Wire EDM have done for Mold Craft, we were convinced the AG40L was the correct machine for Mold Craft.” said Tim Bartz, vice president of operations.

While planning for the future, we will dispose of the equipment that is less capable and taking up valuable floor space and replace it with profitable, state-of-the-art machines that will enhance our customer offerings while maintaining aggressive delivery dates,” Bartz noted. Investing in the Sodick AG40L was a big step in the process of bringing new technology into Mold Craft. Now the firm is prepared to serve more customers with higher technical requirements and meet tighter tolerances and deadlines.


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