New Insert Grades for Steel Turning and Cast Iron Milling

The new GC4315 and GC3330 grades from Sandvik Coromant feature Inveio, which brings endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.

In today’s manufacturing, predictability is becoming increasingly important. Production that runs smoothly, without unexpected interruptions, allows for secure “lights out” production and high machine utilization; a cornerstone for profitable production processes.

Following the successful introduction of insert grade GC4325 in October 2013, Sandvik Coromant (Fair Lawn, NJ) now extends that assortment and introduces new grades GC4315 and GC3330. All three grades feature Inveio which brings endurance, predictability and long tool life to the machining process.

Technical Breakthrough
The performance of these grades is made possible by Inveio’s uni-directional crystal orientation. Normally, the crystal orientation of the CVD alumina coating is random. Sandvik Coromant found a way to control the growth of the crystals, lining them up in the same direction to create a stronger, uniform structure of the coating. These tightly-packed crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone and chip.

The result is grades that offer incredible wear resistance and cutting edges that stay in shape and last longer in the cut. The long, predictable tool life of GC4325, GC4315 and GC3330 enables secure unmanned production with a high metal removal rate.

Application Area
GC4325 is the first choice grade for steel turning. When GC4325 reaches a limit in metal removal rate due to high speed and long time in cut, GC4315 withstands the high cutting temperatures that occur. GC3330 is the first choice grade for milling in cast iron materials.


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