Square Shoulder Milling Cutters

The new Turbo 10 helical cutters from Seco Tools are ideal for helical shoulder milling applications that require process stability, flexibility and high precision. 

To continue the success of its Turbo 10 series of square shoulder milling cutters and provide manufacturers with increased machining flexibility in tough materials, Seco Tools (Troy, MI) is expanding the product line to include more inserts with new geometries and radii as well as helical cutters.

The insert range expansion includes both direct pressed and ground insert alternatives with corner radii ranging from 0.016 in to 0.122 in (0.4 mm to 3.1 mm). The new geometries for the ground insert range provide increased performance in materials with unique challenges, including aluminum, stainless steels, titanium alloys and other difficult-tomachine alloys.

The new helical cutters are ideal for helical shoulder milling applications that require process stability, flexibility and high precision. The cutters are available in diameters ranging from 0.75 in to 2 in (20 mm to 54 mm) and include Weldon, Seco Weldon, Combimaster heads, Seco-Capto and Arbor mounting options.

For slotting, pocketing and ramping as well as circular and helical milling the new Helical Turbo 10 has a better depth of cut capabilities than those of conventional square shoulder mills.

All Turbo 10 cutters include precision milled pocket seats that improve run-out, stability and tool life by providing optimal contact between the tool body and insert. Integrated through-coolant channels support high productivity and promote excellent chip evacuation. Because of their high levels of flexibility, Turbo 10 cutters work in slotting, shouldering, ramping, facing, pocketing, plunging and turn milling applications.

Seco Tools, 2805 Bellingham Drive, Troy, MI 48083, 248−528−5444, www.secotools.com.

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  • Damion Parson wrote:

    That’s amazing depth and clearance cutting. Talk about eating up run time.

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