5-Axis Bevel Plasma Head Enhances Coverage and Protection

This new 5-axis bevel plasma head from MultiCam introduces two additional axes of movement that allow operators to cut complex parts with bevels up to 45 deg in 2 in thick mild steel. 

Global leader in mechanized CNC cutting solutions, MultiCam Inc. (Dallas, TX), introduces its new 5-axis bevel plasma head. “We challenged our Engineers to come up with an improved design for our 5-axis plasma head,” said Tony McGrew, the director of operations, “and we are very pleased with the results.”

MultiCam engineered the new 5-axis bevel plasma head for maximum performance by using aluminum castings for weight reduction and rigidity. The new plasma head is not only a compact, durable cutting solution, but its innovative features provide for improved crash protection, as well as ease of maintenance. Its advanced technology provides for maximum table coverage which leads to a more flexible machine.

Although all MultiCam plasma machines have the capability to move simultaneously in the X, Y and Z axes, the new 5-axis bevel plasma head introduces two additional axes of movement, the “phi” and “theta.”  These two axes allow operators to cut complex parts with bevels up to 45 deg in 2 in thick mild steel. The new 5-axis bevel plasma head was designed with the upgrade-ability of existing plasma systems in mind.

A cutting demonstration of the MultiCam 5-axis bevel plasma head.

All bevel plasma systems come standard with Automatic torch height control (ATHC) along with MultiCam’s EZ-G-Code 5-axis software for use with an existing 3-axis CAD/CAM system. In addition, all machines are fully compatible with SIGMANEST and Hypertherm ProNest 5-axis bevel CAD/CAM systems.

MultiCam is one of the international leaders in CNC machine manufacturing. The company manufactures an array of machines including router, digital finishing, knife, plasma, waterjet, and laser with all in-house resources. With over 60 technology centers worldwide, MultiCam provides sales, demonstrations, training, service and support.



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