5-Axis Precision Mill-and-Trim Vertical Gantry Mill Combines Speed, Range with Features

Fives Cincinnati's Precision Mill/Trim system is a 5-axis gantry machine tool for high-speed multi-processing of large non-ferrous components. A universal workholding system allows faster setups and lower costs in mixed-part production.

Fives Cincinnati’s (Hebron, KY) modular Precision Mill/Trim (PMT) system is a 5-axis gantry machine tool for high-speed multi-processing of large non-ferrous components, such as composite structures, aluminum skins and fabrications, molds, patterns, and post-cure cutouts in foam and sandwich structures. In addition to milling, drilling and trimming, the highly configurable PMT is designed to use various special heads, such as waterjet, finishing tools, and a system for precision control of countersink depth.

The PMT’s design and capabilities are based on “voice of the customer” requirements for an affordable, multi-purpose platform for fast, accurate large-part finishing processes. The machine’s unlimited X-axis is complemented by its configurable Y-axis of 2 m to 6 m; Z-axis of 1 m, 1.5 m or 2 m; feedrates up to 60 m/min; 5-sided part access; and optional precision scale feedback.

The compact dual-axis rotary spindle head is powered by direct-drive torque motors with encoder feedback, providing 220 deg of A-axis tilt and standard 550 deg of C-axis rotation. Options are available for additional or continuous C-axis rotation. The travel ranges provide flexibility to position the cutter to almost any orientation for precision contour machining.

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An overview of how the PMT meets market demand for high performance gantry mill for processing of large non-ferrous components such as structures, aluminum skins, molds, patterns and foam or sandwich structure post-cure cutouts. Built from a family of standard modules, the PMT is highly configurable and delivers superior stiffness, accuracy and machine responsiveness.

The PMT’s rail-type configuration allows a variety of workholding systems to be adapted, including Fives’ unique Flexitool universal workholding system. The Flexitool system consists of modular table sections equipped with programmable vertical actuators tipped with swiveling vacuum end effectors that adjust to almost any part shape, so nests of various part shapes can be machined in multiple workzones.

To manage dry or wet cutting, a variety of dust collection, chip collection and coolant systems is available. The machine’s work zone can be fully enclosed, with doors on the ends to allow easy access for part loading or inspection. A retractable roof enclosure is available as an option, as are X-Y-Z way covers and a patent-pending, high-efficiency vacuum system for source-capture of cutting debris.

Several different motorized spindles are available beginning with a standard 24,000 rpm/20 kW and ranging up to 30,000 rpm/42 kW. These high-performance, precision spindles feature an HSK A63 tool interface designed for maximum load and speed. Multiple options are available for the number, size, type and locations for toolchangers, including gantry and floor mounted.

The PMT is available with a Siemens 840sl or Fanuc 31i CNC. Other options to optimize part processing include waterjet cutting head, coolant supply/filtration systems, mist/dust collection systems, video monitoring, probing and more.

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