Fastest Weld Cleaning and Passivation System on the Market

The Surfox weld electro-cleaning system from Walter Surface Technologies now offers better cleaning performance, different models, a larger range of accessories, and an improved stainless steel passivation tester.

Walter Surface Technologies (Windsor, CT) has improved the Surfox weld electro-cleaning system. Underscoring a commitment to developing greener alternatives for the metalworking industry, this alternative to highly toxic methods for weld cleaning and chemical passivation now offers better cleaning performance, different models, a larger range of accessories, and an improved stainless steel passivation tester.

Say farewell to grinding and hazardous pickling pastes. Welding stainless steel often leaves a heat tint on the surface that metal fabricators must remove in order to satisfy the demand for a clean, fully passivated surface. Grinding is time-consuming, labor intensive, and not always effective. Cleaning with pickling pastes exposes the workers and the environment to toxic compounds and can be difficult to use.

A demonstration of how the Surfox weld cleaning system removes weld discoloration and passivates the work surface without the use of dangerous pickling paste. TIG and SPOT weld discoloration are removed instantly and the original mill finish is retored.

Three models are the 204, the most versatile unit for a wide variety of jobs; the 104, which is perfect for production work; and the mini, a light and portable machine ideal for onsite jobs, touch-ups and repair. Improvements and features to the Surfox system include:

  • Improved internal circuitry. New inverter boards provide non-stop cleaning, offering higher performance and productivity. The new circuitry provides a steady current, so the cleaning unit has no down-time, and enables the use of highly conductive materials for new accessories.
  • More machine settings for electrochemical cleaning. With the flexibility of three settings (on the Surfox 204 machine only), the worker can set the unit to Low, Medium, or High according to the required cleaning level.
  • A large graphite insert and pad. This new accessory is ideal for larger areas and for small surface renewing. Highly conductive, the large long-lasting graphite insert and pad result in greater electrochemical cleaning power.

Metal fabricators who use the Surfox system save time and money, improve working conditions, and reduce their environmental impact. In fact, 70 percent of new customers abandon traditional methods in favor of Surfox. Surfox electrolyte solutions are NSF certified for use in the food industry and the Surfox system is ASTM-A967 / ASTM-A380 certified for chemical passivation on stainless steel.

Walter Surface Technologies has been a leader in surface treatment technologies for 60 years, providing high productivity abrasives, power tools, tooling, chemical tools and environmental solutions for the metal working industry. Founded in Montreal in 1952, the company is now established in seven countries throughout North America, South America and Europe.

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