Reciprocating Saw Blade Product Line

The M. K. Morse Company introduces a new Master Cobalt bimetal reciprocating saw blade line up with advancements in cutting edge conditioning and tang design that have enhanced cutting performance.

The M. K. Morse Company (Canton, OH) introduces a new bimetal reciprocating saw blade line up. Advancements in cutting edge conditioning and tang design have enhanced cutting performance across the entire line. New packaging and blade graphics make choosing the right blade easy. The new Master Cobalt® products replace and simplify the core line of product.

In addition, a new line of premium blades – Advanced Edge – introduces several metal cutting and demolition blades. The Advanced Edge Bolt™, a patent ending tooth and set design, provides faster cutting.  The Advanced Edge Power™ is wider and thicker for metal cutting applications requiring straighter cuts and can handle heavier feed pressures.  The Renovator™ blade is a wide blade with a unique tooth pitch providing greater control for finer cuts when renovating or remodeling existing structures.  In addition to these are Havoc™, Pipe Boss™, Salvage™, Pallet Dismantling, Plaster, Fire & Rescue, Airsaw, and specialty blades – diamond grit, carbide grit, and carbide tipped.

For over fifty years M. K. Morse has been providing professional quality products and dependable service through a wide range of industrial sawing solutions, including band saw blades, industrial circular saw blades, hole saws, reciprocating saw blades, jig saw blades, portable band saw blades, hack saw blades, and metal cutting circular saw blades. These products are readily available from contractor and industrial supply houses worldwide.

The M. K. Morse Company, PO Box 8677, Canton, OH  44711, 800−733−3377,


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