Smart HMC with User-Friendly Interface for Heavy Duty Machining

The intelligence system of the Tongtai HA-500II horizontal machining center from Absolute Machine Tools includes a tool management system, maintenance map, integrated monitoring of the hydraulic system and cooling system to avoid thermal fluctuation and vibration, and centralized management of the air pressure and lubrication systems.

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. (Lorain, OH) offers the HA-500II, Tongtai’s latest horizontal machining center to its lineup. Taking aesthetically pleasing sheet metal design into consideration, the Tongtai HA-500II has also improved its industrial design and user-friendly operation interface design.

The spindle adopts a high torque built-in type motor, 75 mm diameter ceramic bearings, and grease lubrication that help maintain excellent rigidity during high speed machining. In addition, it uses recyclable coolant on the exterior of the bearings and compressed air in the motor for controlling the temperature from rising so as to keep stable thermal distortion in the spindle.

Three (3) axes servo adopts FANUC’s low inertia servo motors and solid couplings. This not only has high torque output for heavy duty cutting with up to 2 362 ipm rapid feed, but also improves the acceleration/ deceleration speed of the feeding axes for shortening idle time. Furthermore, roller type linear guide ways are used in the feeding axes as well as optimum preload, increasing machine rigidity in machining. Moreover, high anti-dust gaskets are used on the slider blocks avoiding metal chips invasion.

For heavy duty machining, our standard 1 deg B axis uses an indexing device for positioning.  A 0.001 degree B axis is available and its high intensity copper alloy has the advantages of low friction and high rigidity. In addition, with an encircling brake mechanism, the machining accuracy in B axis is increased.

The automatic tool changer adopts a Japanese-made cam type tool changer for increasing the stability during tool changes. The time of tool changing is 1.5 seconds in T to T and 3 seconds in C to C.

Customized user-friendly interface incorporates an intelligence system that includes: tool management system, maintenance map, and Tongtai’s integrated monitoring system. All of the aforementioned greatly increases the machining efficiency. In addition, the hydraulic system and cooling system equipment is stored on the floor to avoid the machine being influenced by thermal fluctuation and vibration.

Plus, centralized management of the air pressure and lubrication systems facilitates daily maintenance. The lubrication system uses the latest grease lubrication system which, compared to earlier designs, not only decreases the electrical supply frequency for energy savings, but also reduces the pollution generated while recycling. That also extends the usage time of the coolant. Moreover, the machine width is shortened by 10 percent with the minimal width across the front of 8.5 ft helping to increase your shop’s floor space.

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