Vulcanized Collet Systems are Ideal for Job Shops

The quick-change 80 mm FlexC™ vulcanized collet system from Hardinge guarantees accuracy within .0004 in TIR for style A (pull-back Dead-length® stationary stop) and .0008 in TIR for style DL (push-to-close). 

Hardinge Inc. (Elmira, NY), the world’s largest manufacturer of spindle tooling, announces the release of the 80 mm FlexC™ vulcanized collet system. The collet chucks mount directly to the machine spindle. The 80 mm vulcanized collets are inserted and removed with a manual compression wrench for collet changeover in less than ten seconds. That’s 8X faster than it takes to change a collet in a standard collet chuck and 19X faster that it takes to change three jaws on a jaw chuck.

But quick changeover is not the only benefit of this system. The FlexC collet system falls in the “special accuracy” collet classification having guaranteed accuracy within .0004 in (.010 mm) TIR for style A (pull-back Dead-length® stationary stop) and .0008 in (.020 mm) TIR for style DL (push-to-close). These systems achieve the same gripping capability as conventional collets while using less draw bar force. Additionally, the all too frequent variation in bar stock will no longer be a hindrance.

The collet head has a gripping range of ±.020 in (.5 mm) of its nominal size to allow for variation in bar stock without having to change the collet. Because there is no collet body, the collet segments will remain parallel to the stock even when there are variations in the bar stock. This parallel clamping insures full bearing contact with the part for optimum holding power and reduced push back.

An overview of how Hardinge FlexC Vulcanized Collets can be changed in under 10 seconds.

Consider the FlexC collet system over other conventional collet adapters to meet special accuracy requirements, or mount it on a chuck-style lathe or rotary indexer for increased versatility. Collets are available in round and hex smooth, round and hex serrated, square smooth, emergency and S-master styles.

This system is ideal for the job shop environment where machines experience multiple changeovers daily, states Michael Levanduski, a sales manager at Hardinge Workholding. “Our test results have proven that the FlexC 80 quick-change vulcanized collet system will provide a highly durable, fully sealed, accurate gripping solution. We’re happy to offer an expanded line that now accommodates 42 mm, 65 mm and 80 mm machines.”

The company also manufactures a complete line of collets for Hydromat rotary transfer machines to help fully meet your high quality production needs. Hydromat collets are manufactured to rigid specifications including material, heat treatment and accuracy for the high-production environment.

Thru-hole and stepped-collets are offered in round fractional, metric, hexagon and square. Standard sizes are available up to the maximum capacity of the collet and machine tool. All hex and square collets have two keyways for orientation, one to the corner and one to the flat for either synchronization requirement. Special shapes and features are also available. Hardinge offers collets for the HW/25–12, HB/32–16, HB32/45–16, and the HB/45–12 Hydromat rotary transfer machines.

Hardinge Inc., One Hardinge Drive, PO Box 1507, Elmira, New York 14902–1507, 800−843−8801, Fax: 607−734−8819,


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