Coil Processing Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Program

Regular equipment maintenance is something that every shop should do, but few follow. COE Press Equipment has developed a Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program to make it easy for press rooms. 

Regular equipment maintenance is something that every company knows that it should do, but which few follow through on. COE Press Equipment Corporation (Sterling Heights, MI) has developed a COE-Certified Inspection and Maintenance Program to make it easy for press rooms.

With a simple call to their service team, COE sends a technician to the facility to thoroughly inspect their existing COE coil processing equipment, using a COE-Certified 210-point inspection checklist. During the inspection, the technician documents the condition of each critical component in your equipment and fix any immediate issues. After the inspection visit, COE presents the press room with a field inspection report that delivers the following information:

1. Repairs that were performed on-site during the inspection.

2. Actions that should be taken to prevent problems in the future.

3. Upgrades that can be provided to improve your productivity.

Proper maintenance can add years to equipment life, helping to avoid downtime or expensive capital outlay should a shop have to replace a machine. When considering these costs, it’s clear that preventive maintenance from COE can provide significant ROI.


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