High-Strength, Aggressive-Wire Tornado Brush

Osborn Introduces a heavy-duty brush that removes slag, silicates and oxidation on schedule 100 and schedule 120 steel pipe.

Osborn (Cleveland, OH), the world’s leading supplier of industrial brushes, announces its new high-strength, aggressive-wire Tornado brush.

Suited for heavy-duty applications, the new Tornado brush removes slag, silicates and oxidation from Schedule 100 and Schedule 120 steel pipe. With a 7-in diameter, the brush can penetrate into deep bevels and is the only 7-inch, knot, stringer bead brush available.

“Osborn set out to offer a brush for the toughest materials and accomplished that with this new Tornado aggressive-wire brush,” said Jeff Naymik, marketing manager at Osborn. “This unique brush features wire tips that are aligned to eliminate the need for break in.”




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