Measurement & Inspection Product Showcase

Some snapshots of the latest technical innovations in metrology that will improve measurement precision, increase inspection efficiency, and reduce the overall cost of quality on the shop floor.

Sheet Metal Gap Measuring: Precision Replaces Approximation
The swiveling CALIPRI profile measurement device from NextSense revolutionizes gap and fold edge analysis to increase multifunctional profile measurement process security and reduce costs.

Wireless Data Transmission Built Into Digital Calipers
16 EWRi Digital Calipers from Mahr Federal use internal MarConnect transmitters and MarCom software for economical implementation of secure wireless data transmission.

ERW Pipe Ovality Measurement
A new size of the Profile360 In-Line Profile Measurement System from Starrett-Bytewise serves the oil & gas pipe manufacturing market by automatically measuring pipe diameter and ovality for ERW pipe from 6 in up to 24 in OD at two locations: in-line before cutting, and in final inspection.

Reality-Check to Avoid Collision
The software module »tool realityCheck« from ZOLLER prevents expensive machine tool crashes that are due to programmed nominal data that does not comply with real, actual data.

360 Degree Smart Inline Measurement Solutions
The 360° Smart Inline Measurement Solutions inspection cell from Hexagon Metrology enables full surface inspection and critical features measurement of up to 100 percent of the produced car bodies, parts and sub-assemblies – all within production cycle time.

Center Punch Quickly Measures Angles and Marking Pipe
The Sumner Center Punch from Sumner Manufacturing includes a digital inclinometer gage set on an angled base, ideal for measuring angles on pipe.

Bridge-Type Machines, Horizontal Arm and Gantry Style CMMs
A 10-page, 4-color brochure highlights the Coord3 line of coordinate measuring machines that are available from Coord3 Metrology.

Hardness Testers Packed with Innovative Technology
HM-200® Series Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machines from Mitutoyo America incorporate the latest optical systems for measuring indentation dimensions together with an electromagnetic test-force loading device – just two of many productivity-enhancing technologies designed into these machines.

Efficient Metals Impact Testing To Charpy And Izod Standards
The MPX Series of motorized pendulum impact testers from Instron are essential for metals impact testing to Charpy and Izod standards.


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