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Here is a review of some of the latest multitasking machines that can mill, drill, turn, thread, bore, or groove complex, contoured parts during one setup and offer shops the competitive advantage they need in market applications ranging from aerospace, oil/energy and medical to construction and general purpose fabrication.

Increasingly complex parts are placing tremendous demands on machining technology in all market applications, ranging from aerospace, oil/energy and medical to construction and general purpose fabrication. To remain competitive, shops must continually examine and embrace advances in multitasking milling and turning lathes for precision machining that will increase their productivity and profitability. Here is a review of some of the latest multitasking machines that can mill, drill, turn, thread, bore, or groove complex, contoured parts during one setup and offer shops the competitive advantage they need.

Machine tool importer Absolute Machine Tools, Inc. (Lorain, OH) offers the Quicktech XTS-42 7-axis twin spindle multi-tasking turning center. The high precision, high production CNC bar processing center enables complete part machining including milling of complex features.

An overview and demonstration of the Quicktech XTS-42 twin spindle multi-tasking turning center.

Available in both 42 mm and 60 mm (1.65 in or 2.36 in) bar capacities as the XTS-42 or XTS-60, the machines feature 7 axes, 2 turning spindles, one milling spindle, and a capacity of 27 tools. A 3-axis (X,Y, Z) gang type vertical tool post serves each spindle, with the tool post featuring a full B-axis for the live tools. Maximum turning length for the main spindle is 226 mm (9.05 in), and maximum turning diameter for the subspindle is 98.5 mm (3.94 in).

The main spindle has either 42 mm or 60 mm bar capacity, the sub-spindle has 30 mm (1.18 in) bar capacity, and the spindles are synchronized for fast and accurate part transfer. The cartridge-type spindles employ P4 high precision bearings for stability and heavy cutting ability.

Each spindle is served by a single 3-axis gang tooling system. The tool post features 7 OD turning tools (4 front, 3 rear), one cut-off toolholder, 10 ID turning tools (5 front, 5 rear), 3 radial live tool heads and 6 axial live tool heads (3 front, 3 rear). The live heads are powered by a 2HP spindle motor. The B axis allows the live tools to rotate –45 deg to +45 deg and be applied to both the main and the sub-spindle. In addition, the tool post has a Y-axis for off-center milling operations.

Absolute Machine Tools, Inc., 7420 Industrial Parkway, Lorain, OH 44053, 440−960−6911, Fax: 440−960−6918,,

Okuma America Corporation (Charlotte, NC) provides its MULTUS U Series general purpose multitasking CNC lathes that are designed to reduce setup time, improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. The series includes two machine sizes: the MULTUS U3000 and the MULTUS U4000.

A demonstration of the MULTUS U4000.

Built with Okuma’s renowned heavy-duty construction, the MULTUS U series CNC lathes provide a robust platform for long-term rigidity and accuracy. They are excellent for machining process-intensive parts – such as those in aerospace, oil/energy, medical and construction – and provide a complete multitasking solution:

  • Flexible CNC machining from all directions – A highly rigid traveling column allows for powerful cutting along the entire Y-axis.
  • Extended specs for a variety of applications – 17 diverse variations in specs –including multiple bed lengths, optional sub-spindle (W-Axis) and optional lower turret – provide a specific solution that matches application requirements.
  • Maximum Milling or Turning Performance – For highly-efficient cutting of difficult-to-machine materials and a wide variety of CNC machining applications.
  • Thermo-Friendly Concept – Provides long, stable machining accuracy with thermo-static design and thermal deformation control technology.
  • Shorter Setup Time and Prevention of Collisions – The OSP-P300S control reduces keyboard operations by 50 percent and maximizes uptime with its Collision Avoidance System.
  • Machining Navi (optional) – Maximizes tool performance by choosing the optimal speed(s) at which the machine can avoid chatter.
  • Operator-Friendly Design – Easy tool loading from the machine front, improved spindle access for faster setup times, and smooth chip discharge for better chip flow.

Okuma America Corporation, 11900 Westhall Drive, Charlotte, NC 28278, 704−588−7000, Fax: 704−588−6503,

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. (Sudbury, MA), a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, automation and accessories, offers the Nakamura-Tome AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center featuring a single spindle, single turret in a heavy duty and compact machine for exceptional value. The standard package is well equipped with a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis for accurate, finished parts.

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A demonstration of the heavy cutting capabilities of the Nakamura-Tome AS-200.

The Nakamura AS-200 offers the quality our customers expect from Methods and Nakamura at a very competitive price point – it is an excellent solution for shops that want to get into multitasking,” said Richard Parenteau, the director of application development at Methods Machine Tools. “The AS-200 features high rigidity multitasking for accurate machining at a superb value.”

Standard spindle speed is 4,500 rpm. A 7.5 hp milling motor on a 6,000 rpm, 12-station turret with ½ indexing provides 24-tool capacity. Maximum turning diameter is 13.4 in (340 mm) and maximum turning length is 11.8 in (300 mm). The turning tool is 1.0 in (25 mm) and the inside boring shank is 1.25 in (32 mm).

The AS-200 features a 10.4 in high-resolution LCD panel which works in conjunction with the latest Fanuc 0iTD controller to give a high degree of functionality, coupled with fast processing speeds. For easy-to-use and reliable support, the NT Nurse II System, NT Work Navigator and Overload Detection are standard on the AS-200. NT Nurse II is comprehensive software that provides user-friendly operation, programming and production support. NT Work Navigator facilitates easy part set-ups with no fixtures required. And for safety, the AS-200 has overload detection via an airbag which greatly reduces any impact due to machine collision.

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., 65 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776, 978−443−5388, Fax: 978−440−9405,,

Hyundai WIA America Corporation (Carlstadt, NJ) offers the L2100Y/SY Series of CNC multitasking turning centers that are developed with a wedge-type Y-axis and BMT 65 (VDI 140) turret for completing complex milling and turning operations in a single setup. The synchronized 8 in main spindle and 6 in sub spindle (S-configured machines) enable high precision turning of both front and back of cylindrical parts. Swing over the bed is 630 mm. Swing over the carriage is 300 mm. Maximum turning diameter is 335 mm. Maximum turning length is 468 mm (455 mm for SY).

A demonstration of the L2100SY CNC multitasking turning center.

The rigid bed is designed to absorb vibration for stable machining. In order to eliminate thermal growth during machining, all axes are driven by high precision double-nut ballscrews. The double pretension design provides outstanding positioning and repeatability with virtually no thermal growth. All ballscrews are connected directly to the servo drive motors without gears or belts, eliminating backlash.

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