Ergodyne-Clad Explorers Successfully Reach North Pole

The safety equipment manufacturer sponsors American team to accomplish the crossing into the North Pole for the first time since 2010.

On Tuesday, May 6th, at approximately 9 pm MDT, Ergodyne (St. Paul, MN) –sponsored explorers Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters reached the geographic North Pole, completing their unsupported and unaided “Last North” expedition in just 53 days.

They were the only team attempting a crossing to reach the North Pole this season — and the only team since 2010 to accomplish this feat. They also are the second American team in history to complete the crossing, following John Huston and Tyler Fish’s 55-day journey in 2009.

I’ve been using Ergodyne gear on my training trips and expeditions for the past 3 years and am always impressed with their durability and performance as well as Ergodyne’s desire to deliver truly topnotch safety gear,” said Eric Larsen. “My custom-made ProFlex® 819OD gloves were a great addition to my polar gear. If Ergodyne’s stuff can keep me warm in –34 deg C weather, they can certainly keep workers warm across the globe.”



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