KOMET Expands into the Upper Midwest

NTM is the newest company partner to join the service network and will be licensed to regrind and refurbish genuine tools to quality standards for shops in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and North and South Dakota.

The KOMET SERVICE (Chicago, IL) network continues to grow in North America, with the latest addition of NTM, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) as a company partner. Like all Partners in the companies network, NTM will provide localized tool regrinding and refurbishment services for KOMET tools and others, as well as the sale of standard and special KOMET solid carbide tools.

Coupled with available pick-up and delivery services and expedite orders, along with a commitment to exemplary customer service and satisfaction, NTM is poised to be the premier tool shop in the upper midwest region, serving Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and North and South Dakota.

“We are very excited to sign NTM, Inc. as a KOMET SERVICE Partner,” said Tom Whennen, a manager of KOMET SERVICE for North America. “Adding NTM to our network not only brings the Minneapolis metro area a local source for tool refurbishment and regrinding and the manufacture of new special tools, it also reflects our commitment to expanding KOMET SERVICE across North America.”

The excitement surrounding the signing is mutual. Pat Mullins, the president and chief executive officer of NTM, commented, “Our team at NTM is truly excited to have joined the KOMET SERVICE network. To have a strategic partnership with the highest engineered and quality tool manufacturer in the world is quite an honor. We are all eager to get the ball rolling. In the tooling industry, this is a perfect recipe for great customer service, design and engineering expertise.“

KOMET’s commitment to the KOMET SERVICE program is evidenced by the program’s continued growth. “We began this program in North America in 2010. Now, with NTM, we have six partners, with more set to join by year’s end,” beamed Whennen. “This unique program benefits KOMET, benefits our partners, and benefits our customers. It really is a win-win-win, with something to be gained by all parties involved.”

As part of its commitment to superior accuracy and quality, NTM has been in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification, with an anticipated certification date of December 2014. This qualification, along with their membership in the KOMET SERVICE network, will assure the companies customers that their tools are precise, giving them the confidence they need to use their tools in sensitive industries such as medical and aerospace.

KOMET of America stands behind its partners, offering them the training, support, and technology needed to produce or regrind tools to the highest standards possible. As such, customers can trust NTM in the same way they have trusted KOMET for over 90 years.

With the KOMET SERVICE network, customers can get the quality tools and services they expect from KOMET, as well as from a trusted, local source in their area.

“The motto of the KOMET SERVICE platform is ‘fast, easy, complete’,” said Whennen. “Our customers get the full range of KOMET tools and services, making this a complete offering. They get these from a local source, who offers expedite services and pick-up and delivery when feasible, making KOMET SERVICE fast. And they get all of this hassle-free from a local, neighborhood partner who has the training and support of KOMET behind them, making this easy.”

NTM and KOMET of America will celebrate the addition of NTM as a KOMET SERVICE partner with a grand opening ceremony on June 12 at NTM’s Minneapolis facility, where guests will be treated to a cocktail reception, live demonstrations, and tours of the NTM shop.

A family company, NTM remains committed to its community, and will support the Mercy and Unity Hospitals Foundation during its grand opening ceremony. The foundation’s mission is to improve patient care and ensure that everyone in the Twin Cities North Metro region has access to outstanding health care.