Micro Waterjet Announces New Distributor for Canada

Samzach is now the sole distributor of Micro Waterjet advanced abrasive waterjet technologies in all Canadian provinces.

Micro Waterjet LLC (Huntersville, NC) announced the appointment of Samzach Enterprises Limited to be the sole distributor of Micro Waterjet equipment for all provinces of Canada.

“We’re pleased to announce that Samzach Enterprises Limited is now the official Canadian distributor for Micro Waterjet, stated Steve Parette, the managing director of Micro Waterjet. “With Samzach’s decades of experience with complimentary products, we feel that they are an ideal partner for the niche markets where Micro Waterjet technology will be a great fit.”

“I have always preferred to represent quality builders and that is why I approached Micro Waterjet,” stated Dan Smith, the owner of Samzach Enterprises Limited. “I have found over the years that customers forget the price they paid for a machine shortly after they have the equipment on their floor but they never forget about the quality of the machine. I’d much rather justify the investments for a machine up front than explain the poor quality of a machine for years to come.”

Micro Waterjet, LLC was formed through a joint venture between Waterjet AG and Max Daetwyler Corporation to bring micro manufacturing services for advanced abrasive waterjet technologies to North America.

They serve a broad range of markets including aerospace, automotive, electrical/electronic, machine shops, jewelry, medical, motorsports, research labs, and many other specialty applications.