Nelson Steel and Butech Bliss Build Pickling Line for Fulton County Processing

Butech Bliss will partner with Nelson Steel in engineering a pickling line that features anti-coil break roll technology for handling a maximum coil weight of 74,000 lb.

Nelson Steel (Ontario, Canada) has selected Butech Bliss (Salem, OH) to build a push pull pickling line for Fulton County Processing (FCP; Delta, OH). Nelson Steel/Butech Bliss engineereed pickling line will feature anti-coil break roll technology, and will handle a maximum coil weight of 74,000 lb.

The maximum product width will be 72 in and thicknesses ranging from 0.060 in to 0.375 in. However the thickness capabilities will extend up to 0.500 in at 50 in maximum width.

Additionally, the new FCP pickling line Process Section will include the following:

  • Pre-wash system
  • Four 45 ft (13.7 m) long “Turbo Tunnel” pickling tanks to effectively reduce consumable cost on acid and gas consumption
  • Four stage rinse systems
  • Dual Air Blow off System
  • Water Treatment system to treat the Rinse effluent

“This pickling line is the 75th complete process section that Nelson Steel has engineered and installed in their 45 years of experience.” says Graham Oakley, the general manager of Nelson Steel’s Technology Group. “Nelson Steel’s unique position as operators and designers makes us an ideal partner of steel pickling equipment with expertise in all aspects of operations.”



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