Omron Chief Expands Executive Roles

Omron chairman and chief executive Nigel Blakeway adds the role of chief executive officer of Omron Electronics to guide sales activity in the Americas, the region of steadiest growth for the flagship industrial automation business unit that contributes 38 percent in annual sales. 

Omron Corporation (Kyoto, Japan) expanded the executive roles for Nigel Blakeway, appointing him as the chief executive officer of Omron Electronics LLC (Schaumburg, IL) industrial automation company for the Americas.

This new role is in addition to his responsibilities as the Omron Corporation chief executive officer, chairman, and the president and chief executive officer, Omron Management  Center of America, Inc. The change positions Blakeway to guide sales activity in the Americas, Omron’s region of steadiest growth, in the flagship industrial automation business unit which contributes 38 percent in annual sales.

“Over the past several years, we have invested heavily to support customer-facing activities throughout the Americas, including a significant expansion of sales and application engineering staff in Mexico and Brazil,” observed Blakeway. “This positions us to successfully bundle our wide range of products and expertise to offer customers appealing values and business efficiency. A good example can be found in recent “re-shoring” activities, where manufacturers had set up plants in China and other countries, and now they want to reestablish manufacturing in the Americas.

“With our help, manufacturers are able to fully replicate production lines in a shortened timeframe to take advantage of market changes,” he continued. “Through global infrastructure and well-trained channel partners who deliver excellent service, we have become everything they need in an automation solution provider.”

“To place us on a sustainable growth track, we have expanded and restructured our business development group,” said Blakeway. “In addition to helping find new opportunities within our established target industries that include automotive, packaging, semiconductor manufacturing, they are applying the company’s global automation expertise to support manufacturing of home appliance and ceramics, as well as infrastructure projects in water treatment and detention. Their work delivers a steady stream of revenue opportunities for our channel partners to help them flourish while making their customers more competitive and successful.”

“The key to our future success in the Americas and what will help the Industrial Automation business achieve its growth target of 50 percent of corporate revenue is our drive to diversify our customer base, support regional differences in product, and application of expertise in local machinery design conventions,” noted Blakeway. “Also of high importance is to personify our ability as a complete solution provider who delivers excellent performance to our customers. This more intimate and global approach comes out of my experiences working with Omron’s Electronics Components business in a wide range of sales and management roles, in locations throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.”

“Unlike top management at other companies, I make frequent visits to our sales offices, providing encouragement and gentle direction as needed, so everyone becomes familiar with my face and voice,” he continued. “Omron employees know that I am not some stranger sending messages from afar. That familiarity allows me to clearly articulate how we will achieve the industrial automation business’ vision: ‘Bring innovation to manufacturing and enrich the lives of people around the world.’”