Breakthrough in Industrial Air Recyling

Do you work with oversized work pieces? Space limitations? Material handling issues? Intermittent needs? Mobility? DuroPure from Duroair Technologies is an innovative, compliant solution to purify the shop air surrounding your employees.

Duroair Technologies Inc. (Burlington, ON) evolved from the realization that there were limited ventilation options that addressed space limitations, material handling issues, oversize work pieces, intermittent requirements, and mobility. With continued research and development we have expanded our family of products, further revolutionizing air quality.

Introducing DuroPure. Innovative in its design, DuroPure is the world’s first indoor air filtration system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment. Third party testing has concluded that DuroPure substantially exceeds all standards for employee health and safety. As a result, users can feel confident that this patent pending design is employee and environmentally conscious, offering exceptional air quality management, with the benefit of increased productivity.

With superior construction, exceptional attention to safety and compliance, Duroair has been identified as an innovative solution for air quality, wherever and whenever you need it. We are proud to be in a class of our own!

Patent Pending Filter Technology: Our patent pending five stage filtration system partners high efficiency particulate filters with carbon and ultra violet filter technologies to capture 100 percent of airborne particulates, in addition to eliminating chemicals and vapours to  levels that fall far below OSHA allowable standards.

A demonstration and overview of the Duroair Retractable Indoor Air Quality System.

Cost Savings: DuroPure technology offers capital cost savings. Eliminate upfront installation costs for  venting and air makeup. Annual operating costs are also reduced through energy savings in addition to eliminating or reducing permitting costs.

Applications: DuroPure is equipped to service a wide range of industrial professionals and their respective needs. With no venting requirements, users have access to a mobile, purified work environment ideal for dust control, welding, painting and other needs requiring the elimination of airborne contaminants and chemicals.

DuroRoom Enclosure: Our modular designed enclosure retracts to 20 percent of the extended length allowing for maximum use of your existing floor space during intermittent use. Manufactured with top quality materials, we can accommodate custom sizes to meet the most challenging of projects.

Minimal Installation: Avoid high costs associated with professional installers. In the span of two to three hours, a two person team will have assembled our enclosure with ease. Our filtration system is delivered completely assembled, merely plug it in to begin using.

Fire Suppression: As an option to our systems, we offer an exclusively designed Kidde Badger approved fire suppression unit. This product consists of a four nozzle in-line spreader equipped with Industry Guard Dry Chemical.

Airflow Capabilities: Duroair is a  leader in innovative airflow solutions. We offer our customers filtration systems ranging from 13,500 cfm to 80,000 cfm and beyond.

Increased Productivity: A Duroair system will provide optimum efficiency in different areas:

  •  Elimination of substantial assembly time reducing the amount of production downtime.
  •  Maximum use of your existing work spaces, our DuroRoom will retract when not in use and our exhaust system is on castors for optimum mobility.
  •  Reduced drying times for coating applications with our patented “Taper Draft” filtration system.
  •  Conveniently work on large scale projects by extending DuroRoom over your work piece and avoid challenging material handling situations.

Party Testing Results Concluded That:

  •  HDI Monomer levels (aerosol and vapour factions) tested well below allowable exposure limits*
  •  HDI Oligomer levels (aerosol) tested well below ceiling limit (1.0 mg/m3) as established by the state of Oregon. There are no values established by Canada and/or ACGIH TLV (2011)
  •  VOC levels tested well below occupational exposure limits*
  •  Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide levels outside of the enclosure were not impacted while spray painting*
  •  Air quality outside of DuroRoom remained consistent before, during and after spray painting applications*
  •  99 percent of noise measurements were below 60 dBA*

*Tests conducted by the Ontario Environmental & Safety Network Ltd as per
standards outlined by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial
Hygienists (2011 Threshold Limit Values For Chemical Substances And
Physical Agents) (Canada/U.S)


    •  Patent pending filtration is created using a unique configuration of panel, pocket dual pleat, UV and carbon filters
    •  Air quality monitor and magnahelic gauge indicating when filters require changing
    •  Available as 208/230/460V three phase
    •  Variable Frequency Drive to optimize and control airflow
    •  Automatic shut off if VOCs exceed acceptable regulation levels
    •  Filtration unit is 100 percent portable on castors
    •  DuroRoom is fabricated with a durable fire rated PVC vinyl


      •  NFPA 33 Spray Application
      •  NFPA 17 Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
      •  NFPA 701 Fabric – Flame Resistance
      •  OSHA 29CFR – 1910.107 Spray Finishing
      •  OSHA 29CFR – 1910.94 Ventilation
      •  OHSA O.Reg 851-63 Ignition or Explosive
      •  OHSA O.Reg 851-65 Dust – Ignition or Explosive
      •  OHSA O.Reg 213.5.12 Fire Code – Spray Operation
      •  EPA 40CFR – Part 63.11173 Spray Finishing Requirements
      •  Electrical CSA Certified

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