New Online Communications System for CIMCOOL Distributors

The system is specifically designed to eliminate the need to request information directly from the company so that distributors can take a more active role in the order management process to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology (Cincinnati, OH), a leader in metalworking innovation and fluids that satisfy customers’ needs and set the standard for industry performance, announced the release of a new online communications system that will allow the company’s distributors round-the-clock access to valuable resources and information.

After its launch in June 2014, the online communications system will be accessible 24/7. Specifically designed to provide beneficial tools and information to distributor partners, the online communications system provides registered CIMCOOL distributors with secure online access to personalized order status and placement resources.

In addition to eliminating the need to request information directly from the company and reducing associated blackouts or wait times, the online communications system empowers distributors to take a more active role in the order management process, contributing to fewer errors while providing an improved user experience for higher efficiency.

“This online communications system represents an enormous improvement in efficiency for our distributor partners,” said Troy Ballard, the senior channel manager of CIMCOOL Fluid Technology. “Critical information that our partners historically had to track manually is now provided to them in one convenient online location. Our distributors will find that the system makes it easy for them to retrieve information and take action, and will provide them with the appropriate tools to enhance communication and drive growth.”

In addition to specific account information, registered distributors can also access
educational information and documents to help them learn more about the valuable
products, training and support that CIMCOOL has to offer. The online communcations system resources include:

  •  Easy order submission and pricing
  •  Personalized order status history and convenient tracking
  •  Informative marketing materials
  •  Distributor education and news
  •  Up-to-date MSDS and PIF documents

CIMCOOL Fluid Technology offers some of the most technologically-advanced fluids available for use in industrial operations with products that boast results including up to 300 percent improved tool life, an increase in productivity, excellent rancidity control, greatly reduced concentrate usage and operator-friendly use.



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