Industrial Innovations Hires New Vice President of Operations

Doug Goetz enters his new role with the company bringing 15 years of experience in various fields of business and manufacturing.  

Industrial Innovations, Inc. (Grandville, MI) announced the appointment of Doug Goetz to the vice president of operations responsible for the company’s operating efficiency, financial management and software/IT systems. He will oversee the daily operations on issues regarding quality, delivery, and customer satisfaction.

Goetz has directed operations for manufacturing companies for over 15 years and has experience in project management, purchasing, manufacturing, P&L, and financial relationship management as well as being a supervisor of engineering for 15 years prior to that. Most recently, before joining Industrial Innovations, he was the vice president/general manager at FKM USA (Frankfort, IL) where he helped the company achieve consistent revenue gains.

“As a growing company, we need someone who can manage our increasing activity level to keep us operating smoothly,” said the president of Industrial Innovations, Troy Turnbull. “Doug has quickly shown his organizational and management skills to us and is proving to be a great asset to our company.”

Industrial Innovations is a leading manufacturer of industrial lubrication equipment for operation in metalworking industries including metalforming, machining, stamping and die-casting.

The company is known for its comprehensive approach to lubrication solution development, supported by the effective engineering principles, reliable components and quality construction of its equipment.



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