Kemper Storatec Starts Production at New Headquarters in Germany

The new factory in Waltrop will promote growth in their intelligent sheet metal storage solutions for intralogistics market sectors in manufacturing. 

Kemper Storatec GmbH (Waltrop, Germany) inaugurated its new headquarters in Waltrop in the northern Ruhr area with a green light for the development and production of intelligent sheet metal storage system solutions for intralogistics in the neighboring town of Lünen, home to the former corporate headquarters.

After the move, the sheet metal storage manufacturer intends to grow further. Thanks to positive business growth, the company, which belongs to the KEMPER Group, had reached its limits at the previous premises. A permanent exhibition in the new factory building shows a complete, fully-automated manufacturing process for sheet metal processing.

“Our relocation marks a milestone in the history of the Kemper Group,” emphasized Björn Kemper, the executive director of Kemper Storatec, at the official opening. “At the new location in Waltrop, we want to lead the company towards a promising future.”

The company wants to focus more on developing innovative products in the field of warehouse equipment for flat and long goods such as sheet and profiles in order to penetrate new markets. So far, primary attention has been placed on the production of special technical systems for long goods to meet the needs of individual companies. In parallel, the company aims to develop standardized systems and to conclude new collaborative agreements in related product areas.

The new location in Waltrop – particularly conveniently located on the main traffic axes in the Ruhr – provides ideal conditions to achieve these objectives. Kemper Storatec has invested in a 14,000 sq m site in the Leveringhäuser Feld industrial estate on the southern edge of Waltrop. Since the groundbreaking ceremony last summer, a new production facility covering 2,500 sq m and a two-storey administration building with 900 sq m have been erected there.

The company recently moved into its new headquarters with 22 employees. “If our development at the new premises continues, there is nothing in the way of further expansion in terms of space,” explains Kemper. The property production site can be expanded to twice its present area.

Kemper Storatec officially opened its new headquarters with an inauguration ceremony and plans to open its doors to its customers and partners with an in-house fair that displays its storage systems for sheet metal and pipes, cutting machines and bending presses, as well as extraction and filter systems for welding fumes by Kemper GmbH, a laser cutting system by Mitsubishi Electric and a press brake by Safan-Darley.

The heart of the exhibition will be a live presentation of a complete production unit that consists of an automated sheet metal storage system in the form of a double tower with large format sheets, a loading and unloading portal for cutting machines, and a laser cutting system with a shuttle table for unmanned operation from Mitsubishi Electric. After the inaugural days, this unit will remain inside the production facility as a permanent exhibition.

Mitsubishi Electric is given a high degree of importance in the exhibition to represent the long-standing partnership between the two companies. Mitsubishi has leased a part of the new Storatec factory building and now operates at the new location to develop new system solutions directly from Waltrop.

In the Waltrop industrial estate, Kemper Storatec is considered to be a cornerstone investor. Thanks to the commitment of stimulus investments by the Waltrop Town Council, other manufacturers have already settled locally in an industrial estate situated on the grounds of a former colliery whose conversion was years in the planning.



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