Mazak Receives Award for Manufacturing Excellence

Selected from variety accomplishments of manufacturers within the Cincinnati/Tristate area, the company was chosen for the MANNY Award.

At the eighth annual MANNY Awards banquet, held on June 18th at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, Cincy Magazine named Mazak Corporation (Florence, KY) a MANNY Award winner for its manufacturing excellence in product innovation. 

An independent panel selected Mazak for a MANNY Award based on the advanced techniques and procedures the company implemented into its manufacturing facility during 2013. Overall, MANNY Awards recognize the accomplishments of manufacturers within the Cincinnati/Tristate area in categories that include product development, new job creation, employee satisfaction and business growth.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for our pioneering work within our facility, and I thank Cincy Magazine and the panel of judges for this accolade,” said Brian Papke, the president of Mazak. “Domestic manufacturing is on the rise. Therefore, we are continuously improving our operations and products so that our company and customers can stay competitive within the global marketplace. We will continue to evolve our products and operations as part of a broader trend toward more digital integration of high-tech manufacturing operations.”

As a first in the machine tool OEM industry, Mazak began converting its Florence, Kentucky, manufacturing plant over to the MTConnect open communications protocol in 2013. Such a transformation allows Mazak to monitor its manufacturing equipment and gather valuable data to further improve its production processes.

By implementing the MTConnect protocol into its operations, Mazak continues its MTConnect leadership and demonstrates its commitment to the protocol as a powerful tool for all manufacturers to improve productivity, machine utilization and efficiency.

Furthermore, Mazak sells all of its machines with MTConnect compatibility so that its customers can reap the same type of productivity benefits it has with the protocol. Currently, more than 100 Mazak customers throughout North America are at various stages of MTConnect integration within their facilities, involving over 600 Mazak machines.

Papke noted, MTConnect, together with the right manufacturing equipment and strategies, will allow domestic manufacturers to run highly agile operations and, in turn, compete more effectively in the global marketplace. All of which is key as more industrial companies continue to bring off-shored work back to North America due to increasing manufacturing costs overseas.



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