MMI Completes New Plant in India

With the new plant completed in Hosur, India, the chief executive officer, Jacob Prak, fills two key positions for worldwide quality control and supply manager to help the growing company.

Jacob Prak, the chief executive officer of Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI; Stevensville, MD) recently returned from Hosur, India where the new MMI plant has been completed.

This stop was part of Prak’s annual visit to MMI locations in Mumbai, Coimbatore, and Bangalore, India, and Shanghai, Fuyang, Ningbo, Jinan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Hong Kong, China.

The MMI Hosur facility is primarily an assembly plant that receives its inputs from a highly qualified local supply base. “We estimate that approximately 65 percent of our sales in India come from the Hosur location, making this plant very important for us. It is vital to our ability to offer the best and most cost-effective supply options to our customers,” Prak said.

Prak estimates that MMI purchases 10 percent of the company’s total volume from South Korea, 10 percent from the Pearl River delta region in China, 50 percent from the Yangtze delta region in China and 30 percent from India.

During the trip to Asia, MMI filled two key positions. Prabhu Rajendran was chosen as the new worldwide quality control manager. His primary focus will be implementing and managing quality assurance processes. Jarbo Lu was named as the new supply manager for Shandong province in China.

“These new MMI team members will be instrumental in ensuring that MMI products meet the highest quality control standards,” Prak said. “I am very pleased to have them join our growing company.”

Founded in 1991, Michigan Manufacturing International (MMI) specializes in supplying manufactured to print assemblies and components to original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Products include assemblies, castings, stampings, machined parts, gears, bearings and more. Services include product engineering, manufacturing, inventory management and stocking programs — all designed to streamline client operations and increase profitability. MMI designs the most effective, highest quality solutions from anywhere in the world.



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