MSS Lasers Demonstrates First 6 kW Fiber Laser in the UK

The iNspire1530 fiber laser system can cut carbon steel up to 25 mm thick, as well as reflective materials such as copper and brass, with 6 g acceleration and table change times of only 10 seconds.

MSS Lasers Ltd. (UK) will be holding an Open House from June 24-26 at its Rugby headquarters, where it will demonstrate its new Eagle iNspire 1530 fiber laser machine.

This is the first 6 kW fiber laser available in the UK and it has the power to cut carbon steel up to 25 mm thick as well as reflective materials such as copper and brass. Linear drives on all axes deliver 6 g acceleration and table change times are only 10 seconds, maximizing productivity and reducing downtime.

Fiber laser technology gives many advantages including simpler machine construction, with no turbine or mirrors, resulting in high reliability, 70 percent less power consumption and no laser gases. With 6 kW of power the revolutionary iNspire 1530 is the first fiber laser to offer a real alternative to CO2 laser technology.

In addition to the Eagle iNspire 1530 fiber laser, visitors will also be able to see MSS Lasers’ range of nitrogen generation equipment as part of the launch of two new models, the Nitrocube Fiber and Nitrocube HP.

The Nitrocube Fiber gives 50 percent higher flow rates to cope with large nozzle diameters on fiber lasers, while the Nitrocube HP offers 180 m3/h and extremely high purity gas for the best edge quality. Both machines are available under MSS Lasers’ Nitrogen Supply Contract, which offers a fixed contract for five years with no upfront cost, making this an affordable way of taking control of your nitrogen supply.



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