Miniature Model Demonstrates Dust Collector Capabilities

Camfil Air Pollution Control's miniature model provides a compact way to transport, display and demonstrate the shop capabilities of the Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collector.

A new miniature model commissioned by Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC; Jonesboro, AK) provides a compact way to transport, display and demonstrate features of the company’s Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collector.

Designed at one-tenth scale of a 16-cartridge dust collector, the model stands 18 in (46 cm) high and will be used at trade shows and exhibitions, seminars and customer meetings. Camfil APC has commissioned several of the one-tenth scale models to deploy to company locations worldwide.

Built by Scale Model Company (Hawthorne, CA), a renowned NASA model builder, the dollhouse-sized dust collector is a remarkably faithful replica of the real Gold Series collector, both visually and functionally.
Camfil APC has created a six-minute video, called “1/10th: A Model of Quality and Innovation”, that showcases the demonstration model and describes the unique process through which the model maker so successfully replicated the dust collector in minute detail.

Moving components in the model accurately demonstrate key maintenance features of the Gold Series – including the easy-open positive seal door, the tool-free process for filter change-out, and the drum lid lifter that enables one person to empty dust from the drum.

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