Small Diameter Tubing for HVAC

Evolving with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing, Burr Oak Tools has worked with the HVAC industry to create a press design with tube processing and fin handling capabilities needed to achieve a more-cost efficient air conditioner.

The coil designs of the heating and air conditioning industry have evolved with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing; moving from 3/8 in and 5/16 in, to 7mm and now 5mm as manufacturers continue to experiment in order to reduce manufacturing and raw material costs, as well as improve performance and efficiency.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. (Sturgis, MI), has been directly involved with the HVAC industry throughout this evolution, from the first hairpin bender and expander in the mid-1950s to the 5 mm fin and hairpin production of today.

The transition to smaller diameter tubing brings a very different set of manufacturing challenges, and Burr Oak Tool is positioned to deliver solutions to these challenges. Their innovations in press design, tube processing and fin handling help improve production efficiencies and therefore profitability. These small diameter tubes, plus other features, have allowed air conditioners to become much less expensive to purchase and operate.

A demonstration of the capabilities of the Electric Hairpin Bender from Burr Oak Tool.

For over 65 years, Burr Oak Tool has designed customized production machinery for the heat transfer and tube processing industries. These machines are installed and successfully operating in over 70 countries.

Burr Oak Tool Inc., 405 West South Street, Sturgis, MI 49091, 269-651-9393, Fax: 269-651-4324,



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