Sunnen Launches India Joint Venture

The company forms a new Indian joint venture with its local distributor, Precision Honing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sunnen Products Company (St. Louis, MO) is adding to its base of 11 global operations by forming a new joint venture with its established India distributor, Precision Honing Solutions, Pvt. Ltd., a part of the Omira Group.

The new company, Sunnen India Pvt. Ltd., will have operations in Mumbai and Chennai under the leadership of Tobias Roffler. Precision Honing Solutions has been the exclusive India distributor of Sunnen honing systems and tooling for nearly seven years. The new company – employing 12 people – will also provide sales and service in Bangladesh.

“This joint venture makes an important statement about our commitment to the significant number of customers we already have in India, as well as those customers we hope to acquire,” said Mike Hauhey, the chief operating officer of Sunnen Products. “This new operation will enhance our competitiveness in the region and reduce lead times on sophisticated projects. India will continue to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As customers become more sophisticated and environmentally aware, the product performance improvements gained from honing will only increase demand.”

Omira Group formed its distributorship Precision Honing Solutions Pvt. in 2008 in Mumbai to sell Sunnen equipment to job shops and high-production manufacturers. The company has developed more than 750 customers and sold more than 250 Sunnen honing systems in India, with great success in the agricultural and automotive equipment sectors.

“We have seen growing sales for Sunnen’s more advanced systems which is a clear indicator that India’s engineers and manufacturers are designing and producing products that need honing to reach their performance goals,” said Tobias Roffler, the general manager of Sunnen India. “We see a strong future ahead for the new company.”



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