Three Machine Shops Select Costimator from MTI

Positrol, Wisconsin Metal Tech, and Allor Manufacturing will all utilize Costimator® software from MTI Systems to increase their speed, accuracy and consistency in cost estimating and quoting. 

MTI Systems (West Springfield, MA), a developer of manufacturing cost estimating  and quoting software solutions, announced that three Midwest machine shops will utilize its Costimator® software to increase the speed, accuracy and consistency of their cost estimating and quoting process.

“Once Costimator is implemented, companies no longer have to depend on the one or two most highly experienced people in the organization to do the quoting,” says David LaJoie, the vice president of product development.

Positrol Workholding (Cincinnati, OH), Wisconsin Metal Tech (Richfield, WI), and Allor Manufacturing Inc. (Brighton, MI), all machining manufacturers, make parts and products by machining raw metal blanks from material such as round bar, rectangular bar, plate, tube, rod, flat stock.

These manufacturers, as with other customers who manufacture parts, selected Costimator® as a consistent way to accurately estimate and quickly quote the time and cost of parts they make and offer for sale.

“Costimator enables manufacturers to standardize the way they quote parts,” says LaJoie, “This critical task can now be spread amongst more, less experienced personnel, allowing those highly skilled employees to do other functions.”

Since 1982, over 1,500 manufacturers worldwide have implemented Costimator®, to help them reduce estimating time, while increasing their estimating accuracy and consistency.

The software supports the estimating of all forms of machining, fabrication, plastic manufacturing, assembly and more. The cost estimating software is used to estimate all the time elements associated with the manufacturing of a part or assembly, including machine set-up, cycle time, part handling, packaging and shipping.



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