Vulcanium Metals Receives SC21 Silver Award

The 21st Century Supply Chain award recognizes the company's commitment to developing supply chains that deliver increased value to customers.

Vulcanium Metals International Ltd. (Newtonards, UK) has been awarded the 21st Century Supply Chain (SC21) Silver Award. The award was presented to Vulcanium Metals International on behalf of ADS, the premier trade organization representing the UK Aerospace, Defense, Security and Space sectors.

SC21 is a change program designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace & defense industry by raising the performance of its supply chains.

According to Michael O’Prey, the general manager of VMI UK, “Vulcanium is delighted to receive this prestigious award; all employees are engaged in the SC21 process and are committed to collaborative, continuous improvement with all of our customers.”

Recipients of the SC21 award are committed to developing supply chains which deliver increased value to customers through the transparent sharing of information, development of innovative competitive solutions, commitment to total through-life cost and communication, and ethical practices towards the delivery of an SC21 plan.



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