New Welding Fume Extraction Technology

KEMPER offers shops unprecendented weld fume extraction technology in the SmartMaster or MaxiFil Clean mobile devices and the CleanAirTower air-cleaner.

KEMPER GmbH (Vreden, Germany) is showing welding and cutting in a new guise. What appears at first glance to be a new colour scheme, logo or website, on closer inspection turns out to be a product offensive with unprecedented technology inside. Some highlights are mobile devices such as SmartMaster or MaxiFil Clean and the CleanAirTower air-cleaner.

“The technological leader in welding fume extraction has set a real milestone in the company’s history on extraction systems for welding and cutting,” says the chief executive officer, Björn Kemper, “Looking at our new portfolio of mobile devices, I see no more gaps. The goal was to offer the best solution for all applications. We have achieved that.”

Already patent pending is the contamination-free dust removal in cartridges. This technique is unique. It is faster, safer and cleaner than the previous disposal of the dust. Other equipment on the market still uses drawers or bags as containers for the harmful dust.

Contact can therefore hardly be avoided when changing the container. KEMPER is already using the new technology in the newly introduced MaxiFil Clean and CleanAirTower.

MaxiFil Clean is a mobile suction unit for permanent use. The new dust disposal technique, in combination with the self-cleaning filter, ensures maximum health and longevity. Together with the high mobility and a 360 deg operating radius, MaxiFil Clean can master applications with large amounts of smoke and dust.

The contamination-free dust removal in cartridges is also used in the air-cleaning CleanAirTower. Wherever a source extraction is not possible or not sufficient, the CleanAirTower is used. It provides effective protection from fine dust. The purified air remains in the room.

The device causes minimal air turbulence and prevents the polluted air from entering uncontaminated areas. The CleanAirTower works according to the displacement ventilation principle recommended by health and safety bodies.

A mobile suction device for less than €1000 is the SmartMaster, also newly introduced. The basic unit is also suited for welding of high alloy steel due to its W3-approval.

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