Abtex Acquires Nihmble Technologies

This acquisition enables shops to smoothly integrate Abtex deburring equipment into their existing operations using Nihmble robotics technology.

Abtex Corp. (Dresden, NY), a leading manufacturer of brush/machine deburring solutions for the manufacturing industry, has announced the acquisition of Nihmble Technologies (Bloomfield, NY) a company specializing in the design and creation of robotic systems for manufacturing, systems integration, and process control.

“The acquisition means manufacturers will now be able to use robotics technology to smoothly integrate our deburring equipment into existing operations for unexpected efficiency. Well-designed robotics systems provide manufacturers a wide range of benefits, from enhancing the flow of a single operation to efficiently connecting multiple operations to deburring multiple surfaces of a part in a single step,” said Mark Fultz, the owner and president of Abtex.

“For many manufacturers, deburring is an essential element of quality control because burrs left on the edges of freshly cut metal parts create both safety and operational hazards,” noted Fultz. “Adding a well designed, automated method of smoothly integrating deburring equipment into an existing operation increases both the quality and safety of the product and the efficiency of the operation. That’s what the Nihmble acquisition promises our current and future customers.”

Started in 2002, Nihmble Technologies provides systems integration, automation support, design, and consultation such companies as Corning Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, General Electric, Motion Industries, TRW, CooperVision, and Alstom Signaling. The integrator has been developing customized solutions for Abtex customers since 2008. Also of note: Nihmble co-founder Damian Clemons joins Abtex as an automation specialist.