Hobart Campaign Celebrates Partnership with U.S. Navy

The campaign, “It’s the tie that binds,” showcases the Marine Group Boat Works partnership with the U.S. Navy to celebrate creating some of the most distinctive and instrumental things that impact the world.

Hobart Brothers (Troy, OH) is excited to release its newest “It’s the tie that binds” brand campaign video featuring Marine Group Boat Works’ partnership with the U.S. Navy and the toughness required to build their new class of dive boats.

The Hobart brand campaign celebrates the tie that binds science and people with the creation of some of the most distinctive and instrumental things that impact the world in which we live — making our world a more secure, more dynamic and more exciting place.

“Companies like Marine Group Boat Works exemplify our “It’s the tie that binds” brand campaign,” says Rich Thompson, the vice president of marketing, Hobart. “Marine Group Boat Works needed the right filler metal solution to bind together these specialist crafts, ensuring the durability to withstand extreme environments and the safety of the sailors. With the relationships we develop and our collaborative approach to welding, we were able to deliver a filler metal solution that meets the 25-year lifespan requirements of the U.S. Navy.”

See how Hobart filler metals help Marine Group Boat Works build U.S. Navy dive boats.

Marine Group Boat Works is a full-service boat and superyacht facility in San Diego, CA, that, among other high-end boat fabrication, retrofitting and repairs, also builds dive boats for the U.S. Navy. Hear how they get the tough and safe results they need to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy in the just released “It’s the tie that binds” video.

As part of the “It’s the tie that binds” brand campaign, visitors to HobartBrothers.com/tiethatbinds can seek out a filler metal solution for their own applications. There, Hobart provides the option to request a free filler metal sample, a consultation with a welding specialist or free literature. Visitors can also find product information and learn how other customers have found success with Hobart filler metals.