Modig Launches U.S. Subsidiary

The manufacturer of machining centers makes its move to increase activity throughout the U.S. with the formation of Modig Machine Tool US Inc.

Modig Machine Tool Sweden (Virserum, Sweden) has announced the formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary, Modig Machine Tool US Inc. The 70-year-old family-owned parent company is one of the world’s leading producers of high speed machining centers, awarded for excellence by manufacturers of specialized aircraft components.

David Modig, the president of Modig, said “Our name means innovation. Our HHV extrusion mill has dramatically reduced production times. FlexiMill, a six-axis machining center, addresses a wide variety of aircraft industry needs from complex aluminum or composite frames and body panels to floor beams and bulkheads. We have been working with aircraft manufacturers in North America for many years;  now with the launch of our North America operation we will dramatically increase our activities throughout the United States.”

The president of Modig Machine Tool US Inc., David J. Waldron, added, “FlexiMill is ideally suited to either a dedicated machine shop or a general assembly area. Customers can achieve zero defects and shortened production times, leading to lower manufacturing costs. Operating FlexiMill simply means increased margins for our customers. We are excited to make our technology and business solutions more widely available across North America.”