Tool Steel Characteristics and Heat Treatment Options

Available in print or online, this detailed, new 6-page, full-color brochure from Dayton Progress examines the various properties and benefits of some common tool steels.

Wear resistance, toughness and compressive strength are just a few of the characteristics of tool steels, detailed in a new 6-page, full-color brochure available from Dayton Progress Corporation (Dayton, OH).

Available in print or online, this informative brochure guides readers through the various properties and benefits of some common tool steels, allowing the best selection for a specific application.

In addition, the brochure also details the heat treating processes (including both heating and cooling of the material) to further manipulate the tool steels to achieve a desired result. A thorough breakdown of common tool steels is also provided so that readers can easily pick which steel would work best for their intended application.

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In addition to a full standard line of precision punches, pilots, die buttons and retainers as well as custom tooling in configurations to suit any manufacturing requirements, the company also markets nanoceramic lubricating grease.

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