Nicholson Celebrates 150 Year Anniversary

The iconic file manufacturer announced a new 5-piece Anniversary File set now available for purchase to commemorate the milestone. The set includes a slim taper file, round bastard file, mill bastard file, half round file and a flat bastard file.

Nicholson, a premier cutting and material removal products brand from Apex Tool Group (Sparks, MD), recently announced the company¹s 150-year anniversary. To honor this milestone Nicholson introduced a new 5-piece Anniversary File set now available for purchase.

Nicholson has been manufacturing files and cutting products since 1864, and remains a dominant leader in the category in the US and around the world. As the first file company to exhibit at the Chicago World Fair in 1893, Nicholson celebrates its longevity and success with new brand colors, a new logo and a commemorative 5-piece set. The new anniversary logo recognizes the past while celebrating the future.

“In today¹s economic climate, celebrating a century and a half in business is no small feat,” said Marisa Stephenson, the product manager for Nicholson. “We are excited to celebrate this important milestone in our brand¹s history with a new set designed with industrial end users in mind.”

Nicholson files are made of superior-quality steel and are cut with the famous Nicholson process, ensuring that teeth are more consistent and last longer than any other file or rasp. Each and every Nicholson file is hand inspected and tested to ensure the highest quality.

The Nicholson 150 Year Anniversary 5-pc set retails for around $58 and consists of the following:
• 6² Slim Taper File, ideal for pattern making and sharpening hand saws

• 8² Round Bastard File, ideal for grooving and woodworking

• 8² Mill Bastard File, ideal for draw filing and filing plastics

• 8² Half Round File, ideal for technicians working with cast iron

• 10² Flat Bastard File, ideal for beveling and working with a variety of metals including steel, bronze and copper