NTM and KOMET Announce Partnership in North America

The family-owned and operated tool and service provider will now bring KOMET solid carbide drills, end-mills, and milling cutters to the upper Midwest, in both standard and custom builds.

NTM, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) and KOMET of America (Schaumburg, IL) are proud to announce the official start of their partnership for the licensed refurbishment and manufacture of KOMET brand solid carbide tools. NTM proudly displays their sign alongside that of KOMET SERVICE, while KOMET proudly spreads the word of this winning partnership between the two companies.

On June 12 of this year, the two companies held a celebration to mark the official start of NTM’s KOMET SERVICE Partnership. Attendees included representatives from KOMET of America, as well as NTM employees’ families and NTM’s customers and business partners. Guests were treated to a generous food spread and wine, along with the opportunity to tour NTM’s plant floor and see NTM’s capabilities.

NTM and KOMET have been hard at work since they signed a partnership agreement two months ago. Representatives from KOMET have been training NTM employees on-site, including a two-week training program, whereby four representatives were trained on the processing and manufacture of KOMET tools.

At the ceremony, KOMET representatives acknowledged these skilled technicians and presented them with certificates, showing that they are qualified in KOMET quality standards and have access to KOMET’s official tool drawings and processes.

Founded in 1976, NTM remains a family-owned and operated company that is known throughout the upper Midwest for the quality of its tools and services, their extensive repair capabilities, and their value.

In an ongoing commitment to value, the company is in the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification, ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality. Meanwhile, they are also investing in a computerized inspection device, which will ensure an unprecedented degree of accuracy in every tool they manufacture or refurbish.

Patrick Mullins, the president and chief executive officer of NTM, is very optimistic about the new partnership, he commented, “We are well underway with our partnership. The level of commitment from KOMET is inspiring. It has created a buzz in our marketplace, and people are talking.”

Exhibiting their commitment to the local community, NTM held a fundraiser for the Twin Cities-based Mercy and Unity Hospitals Foundation. In addition to donations from the grand opening guests, NTM and KOMET of America together pledged $500 to the foundation, which aims to improve patient care and to ensure the accessibility of quality health care to everyone in the Twin Cities North Metro Region.

This new partnership between KOMET and NTM will benefit customers in the upper Midwest through the following:

  •  Localized access to KOMET-quality solid carbide drills, end-mills, and milling cutters – both standard and custom builds.
  •  Quick turnaround and technical support from a local partner.
  •  Pickup, delivery, and expedite services.
  •  Access to professional regrinding and recoating, assuring customers that their tools will achieve optimal tool life and will retain their original geometry and design specifications.

All of these benefits will be provided by NTM with the focus and dedication that only a family-owned and operated company can provide.

Mullins is enthusiastic about the positive impact of being a KOMET SERVICE Partner, explaining, “There are many benefits of being a KOMET SERVICE Partner, but one in particular is giving NTM different avenues for cost savings in other areas of our business that we can then pass on to our customers. We are working together to give our customers the best pricing and customer service available.” NTM offers their services throughout the country, but has a special focus on serving Minnesota, western Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and North and South Dakota.