Spatial Integrated Systems Joins CCAM

SIS will supply the Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing with digital 3D equipment and software used by commercial and military OEMs in rapid prototyping and fabrication modeling.

The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM; Prince George County, VA) has announced that Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc. (SIS; Virginia Beach, VA), a leader in providing business solutions that incorporate digital 3D imaging, robotics, artificial intelligence, and 3D visualization, has joined forces with CCAM’s industry, academic and government research collaboration.

As CCAM’s newest industry member, SIS will provide digital 3D equipment and software including the 3D Imaging System (3DIS) used by commercial and military equipment manufacturers to produce visually rich digital information. 3DIS is a digital 3D capture and processing system used for rapid prototyping and fabrication modeling as well as to provide analyses of “as-built” manufacturing plants and facilities and computer-based interference checking and inspections.

The system generates dimensionally accurate digital 3D models of target space or objects, automatically fuses the image texture onto 3D model geometry, and exports files ready for commercial high-end design applications and import into 2D/3D CAD packages. 3DIS frees resources, reduces time, improves process efficiencies and empowers developers with an innovative tool for increased creativity in the design process.

Joseph Moody, the CCAM president and executive director, said, “As an innovator of 3D imaging and visualization, Spatial Integrated Systems serves the defense industry and commercial manufacturers with a unique set of process-based solutions. CCAM member companies and academic and government partners will benefit from these game-changing technologies.”

Based in Spatial Integrated Systems provides digital imaging hardware, software and modeling systems to the Department of Defense, and its commercial clients, as well as command and control centers and biometric facial recognition equipment, among other applications.

Dr. Ali Farsaie, the Integrated Systems president and chief executive officer, said, “SIS is proud to join CCAM. We recognize the value of being a member of world-class high technology companies and research institutions to advance manufacturing research in solving challenges we face in this competitive market.”

CCAM is based at a state-of-the-art facility that provides production ready advanced manufacturing solutions to member companies across the globe. CCAM member companies and academic and government partners collaborate on research to innovate manufacturing practices, resulting in new techniques and processes applied in aerospace, defense, transportation, consumer electronics and other industries.

Members guide the research, leveraging talent and resources within CCAM and Virginia’s top universities through a collaborative model that enables them to pool research and development efforts to increase efficiencies. Collaboration between diverse industry sectors, academia and government increases the pace of breakthrough developments and accelerates commercialization into industry applications.



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